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It is frightening how the new “Minister of War” Lambrecht presented herself against Russia and Putin on her first trip abroad to Lithuania. I shuddered when a German SPD “defense” minister assured the Baltic States of her solidarity, which felt threatened after the so-called “annexation” of Crimea by Moscow, as their state borders directly border on Russia. Just as Russia does not threaten the Balts or Ukraine, this incorporation was not an annexation, but a political reality after the referendum of Eastern Ukraine for the Russian Federation. Quite different is the illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights and Palestine. But not only the German minister is silent about this, but the entire “Values” West!

Historical misrepresentation of Baltic neutrality “

Once again Germany stands “very firmly” on the side of our “Baltic friends”. Haven’t we had this before? I condemn them as a misunderstanding of history


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