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Sajid Javid’s stated on the 22nd December that the Pfizer vaccine has been approved for children aged 5-11 and a booster for 12-15 and all 16-17 yr olds.

A concerned reader wrote to us, that it would be good if parents could write to the school governors, the teachers unions and their local representatives, as suggested by Robert Malone, (the NAHT, ASCL and NASUWT), also the JCVI, MHRA, and Vaccination UK ( who have been given the responsibility for the rollout in schools and employ the clinicians).

These template letters can be adapted for primary schools too.

Below are email addresses should anyone wish to write and complain to the ministers, Mary Ramsey at the UK Health Security Agency UKHSA , formerly Public Health England, and the contact I found for Vaccination UK .

They should all be held accountable!

  • Mary Ramsey, Head of Immunisation: mary.ramsey@phe.gov.uk
  • Susan Hopkins, Chief Medical Advisor: susan.hopkins@phe.gov.uk
  • Isabel Oliver, Chief Scientific Officer: isabel.oliver@phe.gov.uk
  • enquiries@ukhsa.gov.uk




Vaccination UK



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