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Female inmates in California prisons are seeking relief after a new California law allows biological men to be housed at women’s detention centers in the state based on their “gender identity.”

The letter from inside a prison said in part:

So we want to know if you can possible send a copy of the policy and procedures for the screening process of these men coming here. They are getting caught having sex already yesterday a girl was s*ucking a mans d**k on the main yard. WTF? … This is not safe for us.

The law, SB132, is designed to allow prisoners being admitted to prison according to the sex they want to live as rather than their biological sex — resulting in men living with men and even some women living with men:

The bill would require the [Corrections] department, for a person who is transgender, nonbinary, or intersex to only conduct a search of that person according to the search policy for their gender identity or according to the gender designation of the facility where they are housed, based on the individual’s search preference. The bill would additionally require the department to house the person in a correctional facility designated for men or women based on the individual’s preference, except as specified.

The San Francisco Chronicle has been reporting on how the new law is being implemented, including promoting the idea that the trans women, not the real women, face danger in prison.

The Chronicle reported that more than 250 people — the “vast majority” of whom are trans women — are waiting to be transferred to their preferred prison.

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