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In the Corriere della Sera it is Ilaria Capua, who explains why we are in a different phase of the pandemic. A different virus than the Alpha and Delta variants and with which we have to learn to live with for a long time. “The novelty is that Omicron is on its way to becoming a noSars-CoV-2 serotype egg. What does this mean? It means that it is sufficiently distant from the original Wuhan strain and its immediate descendants that it evades a part of the immune response ”, explains the virologist.

Capua tries to explain in a simple way what’s happening with this variant: “Ultrasimplifying, it is as if in these two years the” cousin Omicron “had grown his hair, beard, mustache and always wore sunglasses so that the cell phone camera and the facial recognition algorithms did not recognize him more like alpha, gamma or delta. In fact it is not: it is Omicron. A turbo-charged virus that, thanks to its contagiousness, will give us a hard time ”.

This is, according to Ilaria Capua, one of the reasons why even those who have completed the vaccination cycle against Covid they become more infected than before. “Because this is a different virus, changed both inside and out, and which inevitably we will learn to know”, is the opinion of the virologist. “In two years, however, we too have changed both inside and out. We are tired, fed up and exhausted from chasing something that appears elusive. In this sea of ​​uncertainties linked not only to the pandemic event, but also and above all to the many, many variables linked to the emergency management aspects, we have a certainty. Which as we did with other viruses such as measles, or HIV, with this Sars-CoV2 and its countless descendants we will have to live together for a long time and apply our knowledge and appropriate precautions to the best of their ability. The latter, of course, is constantly evolving ”, concludes Ilaria Capua.

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