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The price of natural gas per megawatt / hour has risen from around 15 Euros (March 2021) to 187.79 Euros (December 2021). The shutdown of the Nord Stream 2 taps by Berlin (by order of the US via the EU) has caused the price of natural gas to skyrocket. Russian gas cannot and must not arrive in Europe: Russia must be isolated and Europeans must buy liquefied gas made in the USA at such high prices that a ship carrying LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas ) in Asia. Meanwhile, in Italy, the energy crisis imposed by the EU forced ENEL to re-ignite the coal-fired power plant in La Spezia (WHO), a power station that should have been closed to upgrade the gas one. But didn’t the EU push GREEN? Why take away natural gas and force a return to coal, which is not quite the best possible fuel? It is now clear even to the stones, that the question of Russian gas is not only economic but, above all, geopolitical. An international policy piloted by some centers of power wants to give the coup de grace to our economy (and not only) and to eliminate the only competitor who can counterbalance the new international order designed by Davos & C. The chaos that is re-emerging now in Libya and Tunisia is the confirmation of this. The pipeline Greenstream, which connects Libya to Italy, from Wafa to Gela, and the Transmed, which connects Tunisia and Italy, from El Haouaria to Mazara del Vallo, seem not to be able to guarantee the same gas supplies anymore due to the political crises exploded by some month now (WHO, WHO e WHO). Could the great (artificial) energy crisis accelerate the dissolution of the great European monster?

Natural gas prices
Natural gas prices
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