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In my Video from December 11th I have described some of the health problems facing the gullible people who have succumbed to the lies and misinformation that are so widely spread and enthusiastically spread by governments, the medical establishment, and the mainstream media.

In this video, titled “This is why most vaccinated people will die early,” I mentioned my fear that those vaccinated could suffer brain damage as a result of the Covid-19 vaccination.

That fear was real, as I was in this video will show.

It was found that there is much that no one knows about the Covid-19 vaccination and the eagerness of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency to approve a product that does not appear to have any information there has never been adequately explained. However, we do know that, as I was the first to reveal, the MHRA received a huge sum of money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has financial ties to vaccine companies like Pfizer.

As far as the effect on the brain is concerned, the big question is: Can the lipid nanoparticles transport the mRNA vaccination across the blood-brain barrier?

The blood-brain barrier is a semi-permeable barrier made of cells that prevents certain substances from the blood from getting into the protective fluid around the central nervous system.

Knowing if this is the case is crucial because when it is, anything that could happen to the brain is possible.

After all, liquid nanoparticles are already being used to transport other drugs across the blood-brain barrier.

If the LNPs carry the mRNA vaccine into the brain, the neurons, the brain cells, could be marked as foreign by the body’s immune system. And the more booster vaccinations that are given, the bigger the problem becomes.

The concern is that the brain cells could be attacked and killed by cytotoxic T cells.

It has now been established that mRNA was found in all human tissues except the kidney. It was found in the heart, lungs, liver, testicles – and in the brain. For example, a Japanese study showed that the vaccine actually ends up in the brain.

Also of concern is the fact that researchers have called for studies to investigate any link between vaccination and acute CNS demyelination.

How big is the damage that it causes?

How long will it be before brain damage can be detected?

I have no idea.

And nobody else knows either.

In a normal experiment with a new drug, doctors would investigate and review all sorts of problems before releasing the drug for wide use.

But the Covid-19 vaccination is being distributed to billions of people without anyone having the faintest idea what is going to happen.

Once you’ve been vaccinated, the first thing that seems certain is that the mRNA vaccine is getting into your brain.

The second certainty is that the more vaccinations you have, the more dangerous it is.

Only time can tell how many of your brain cells will die. And children are, of course, more at risk because they are more at risk anyway and because they are likely to live longer.

Some experts, advisors, and regulators will tell you that the risks are low. But how can you know? And what is minor? They told us that the problems with blood clotting are minor.

In my opinion, having one of these vaccinations is the equivalent of taking a large dose of LSD and waiting to see what happens. And to hope that you don’t end up like Peter Green, for example.

And remember, the Covid-19 vaccination doesn’t protect you from getting Covid-19, nor from passing it on. According to NHS guidelines in the UK, you can still get Covid-19 or pass it on after three vaccinations.

The decision whether to get vaccinated or not should be yours.

But governments want to make these vaccinations compulsory.

If this vaccination were given against a fatal disease with a 50% death rate, the risks might be worthwhile. But it is not so and they are not.

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We all must pray that the truth will be shared by many, not just a few. Whatever religion you are, you must pray because the people who practice this scam only respect lies, but just as vampires fear sunlight, they fear the truth – it is your government’s greatest enemy and our only weapon. Finally, even if it feels like this at times, please remember that you are not alone. More and more people are waking up and once they are awake they don’t go back to sleep. – It means that our number is growing every day.

If we are to win this war, we must fight hard and with determination, passion and the truth. Remember, this is primarily a propaganda and media war.

Mistrust the government, avoid the mass media and fight the lies.

Thank you for listening to an old man in a chair.


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