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Good resistance is strategic resistance. A little help.

It may not look like it right now. But resistance works. Local groups are springing up all over Germany and are uniting in small or large demonstrations: The wave of protests is here. At the same time, the state and the media try to relegate any criticism of the government to radicalization and terrorism. When the state becomes afraid of intrepid citizens, the democratic spirit paves the way again.

Resistance works

Of course one can say: What have the protests, demos, articles, Telegram groups, videos, etc. achieved so far? To the outside world, little, because politics uses the “pawl” method. It always only goes in one direction, never back. The quagmire of lies and deception is getting deeper and deeper, and the pace is getting faster and faster. It is quite possible that the state will trip itself up in this feverish hurry at some point. At the latest, when the many vaccinated people fall out of the vaccination protection and realize that they were lied to from the start, it has to tip. Even if all of this was foreseeable: many people probably need the hard impact


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