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From Ron Paul. He is an American doctor and politician. He is a member of the Libertarian Party and served as a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from 1976 to 2013 (intermittently). Paul was a candidate for the Libertarian Party in the 1988 US presidential election and ran internally for the Republican candidacy in the 2008 and 2012 US presidential election.

A recent Washington Post / University of Maryland poll found that 34 percent of Americans believe that violent action against the government can be justified. This view is held by 40 percent of Republicans and 23 percent of Democrats. The result may come as a surprise, given that leftists are responsible for much of the recent politically motivated violence and many Democrats have called for violence against Trump supporters. However, the culture Marxists seem to have (temporarily) stopped using violence as a tactic – although if President Trump had won re-election, it would have been entirely possible that ANTIFA members would have tried “to stop the theft on January 6th in the Capitol “.

Growing support for violence against the government is rooted in a growing (and legitimate) belief that people’s freedoms are being stolen from a ruling class that is at best indifferent to its values ​​and concerns and at worst hostile.

The havoc the lockdowns have wreaked and the conflict over the promotion of masks, vaccines, critical racial theory, and transgenderism exacerbate these social tensions.

Another major contributing factor to social unrest is the economy. Rising prices combined with supply shortages and increasing national debt are all signs that we may be witnessing the final days of the Keynesian welfare war state. Unless Congress immediately begins cutting spending and moving to a free-market monetary system, America will soon face a major economic crisis. The crisis is likely to be caused by a decline in the value of the dollar. This is likely to lead to an increase in violence. The violence will begin when those who believe they have a right to live on their fellow citizens’ stolen property decide to take matters into their own hands because the government can no longer do the looting for them.

The only way to avoid this fate is through a revolution. I am not talking about a violent revolution replacing one form of authoritarianism with another, but a peaceful revolution of ideas. This revolution aims to replace the authoritarian interventionist ideology that dominates both the left and right wings of the ruling class with the ideas of freedom. Such a revolution would restore respect for individual freedom, constitutional government, free markets, non-interventionist foreign policy, and healthy money.

The revolution of ideas would resolve social conflicts by keeping the government out of social issues and instead giving private property owners the ability to decide, for example, who can and who can not use which toilet on their property. It would also return control of education to parents. The aim is to respect each individual’s right to live their life the way they want, as long as they don’t violate the rights of others to do the same.

A free market with a healthy currency would exempt low-income Americans from the Federal Reserve’s inflation tax and offer them expanded economic opportunities. The growing economy would ease racial tension and lead Americans to view immigrants as an asset rather than a burden.

A free and peaceful society cannot be brought about by a violent revolution. Instead, it has to come about through peaceful discussions among a critical mass of citizens. When this critical mass is reached, many authoritarian politicians will speak out in favor of freedom and limited government for fear of losing their re-election if they do not. Therefore, the best that those of us who know the truth can do to restore a free society is to convert as many people as possible to the movement for freedom, peace, and prosperity.


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