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naturalnews.com writes: This story is about the reality of zombie vaccination, but to get there we first need to address the underlying idiocy that has forced people to sign up for Covid vaccinations that are now eating their brains.

To understand all of this, we first need to look at what kind of person is gullible enough to get vaccinated and continue taking them even if the evidence is obvious.

There are smart people who took the first two points and then realized how dangerous it was. They stopped. But the forgetful kept asking for more …

The world is full of idiots who are cognitively retarded in very real ways. Part of this delay deprives these individuals of the ability to understand basic concepts in mathematics, probability, or risk assessment. This is why they are so easily led to believe that “climate change” will kill everyone or that the risk of a Covid vaccination is zero.

Some of the distinctive habits of these math idiots are:

  • They are easily influenced by fraudulent claims in the mainstream media and get scared quickly.
  • They often buy lottery tickets because they don’t understand math.
  • They tend to eat a lot of highly processed junk foods and think they are saving money by buying processed foods with coupons instead of buying unrefined, unprocessed foods, which are actually much more nutrient-dense.

  • They have very poor financial management skills and are constantly “in bankruptcy”, often experiencing disasters or crises that they always say “they are never at fault”.
  • They waste money on extremely low auto insurance deductibles because they don’t understand the prices of insurance products.
  • They think they need insurance for everything and are obsessed with buying multiple insurance policies for anything imaginable, including sometimes buying “travel life insurance” where they bet they will die on an upcoming flight .
  • They are much more interested in getting health insurance than taking care of their health. They are often in poor health but refuse to change their habits to improve their health.
  • They love booster vaccines and vaccines! They are also huge fans of masks. They are the “Karen” of Covid.
  • After all, they crave power over others since they have no power over themselves.

Note: The name “Karen” is often used for both extreme policy advocates and policy opponents.

We all live in a world heavily populated by these idiots / Karen, but that will change due to Covid vaccination. (Study: Most vaccinated people die from vaccine-induced autoimmune attacks on their organs)

Currently, about 100,000 vaccinated in America die each month from the vaccine itself ( see the numbers here ). This will accelerate significantly through 2022 and beyond. Over the next decade, you’ll see a “mass accident event” with vaccinated doctors, reporters, scientists, big tech employees, Wall Street employees, city executives, school teachers, and more dying from the vaccine injections they believed. stupidly safe and approved. (Vaccination Side Effects: Confined to a wheelchair and plagued with spastic disorders (video))

These people will fall and faint or die, just like this 36-year-old Brazilian reporter who publicly bragged about getting the Covid vaccine, then passed out and passed out in front of the camera on a newscast:

The reason the TV reporter lost consciousness and had five heart attacks is because his blood became semi-solid after being injected with spike protein “vaccines”.

Of course, when blood stops functioning as a liquid and turns to solid, it can no longer flow through the circulatory system. Within seconds, your brain will lose oxygen and you will be unconscious. This is why so many people who inject Covid die or pass out.

When vaccinated people go from “normal” to death, they go through a phase of insanity and zombie-like personality changes

You have probably seen this on many of your friends, family or colleagues who have taken syringes. Before the shooting, they were normal, healthy, happy people. Then they took the photos and it went downhill.

You may have noticed personality changes, increased aggression, and a movement towards animal / zombie-like behaviors.

These are signs that blood clots are starting to form in their brains, cutting off oxygen to the parts of the brain responsible for processing higher cognitive functions. Basically, they turn into vaccine zombies and don’t even realize it.(Depopulation program: watch out! US military launches spike nanoparticle COVID vaccine)

It is important to understand that the more extreme your personality changes, the more your brain is affected by blood clots. As a result, you have less time to live. So when you see vaccinated zombies lose their minds and behave in what appears to be a deviation from humanity, you realize they don’t have long to live.

Many “masked karen”, in other words, will soon be “expired karens” as the spike proteins cut through the last functioning parts of their injured brain.

In recognition of this New American presenter Ben Armstrong recently asked: “Do people who still wear masks suffer from mental illness?” They are on the right track, but I think they actually suffer from neurological brain damage caused by blood clots and spike protein nanoparticles.

Once this process is complete, these people will die from catastrophic brain injury, stroke, heart attack, or attack of lymphocytes to their organs. Remember, during the transition to that death, they will transform into insane vaccine zombie creatures, beating everyone around them, showing the animal parts of their brains that are still functioning (lower brainstem function, the “reptilian” brain)).

A particularly vivid example of this can be found in the following video from Melbourne, Australia where a jogger named “Simone” was brutally assaulted by an angry man who claimed the jogger was not maintaining sufficient social distance from his family. .

Beyond crowd psychosis: it’s a vaccine zombie apocalypse

All of this explains why so many left-wing journalists have become crazy animals who can no longer even process the reality of the world around them.(Elimination in modern vaccinations of spike proteins and graphene oxide (video))

That is why left-wing tech addicts – most of whom have shot blood clots – are “activated” by reality and must censor all expressions rooted in reality. You must protect your fragile psyche from contact with the real world, otherwise your entire delusional view of the world will be destroyed.

Overall, the process goes something like this:

Step 1: You start out as clueless idiots who don’t understand much about numbers, risks, and reality.

Step 2: They take the “clotting syringes” (and boosters) because they are easily persuaded to commit suicide by the depopulation “authorities”.

Step 3: The blood clot syringes start working, releasing the blood clots that settle in the brain and cut oxygen from parts of the brain.

Step 4: You lose a higher level of brain function and immerse yourself in animal “brain stem” behavior, which leads to personality changes and very aggressive outbursts against others.

Step 5: As brain damage worsens, they transform into “karen mask” and vaccine zombies and are ultimately unrecognizable to people who once knew them.

Step 6: Blood clots and spike proteins will eventually wreak havoc on your brain, leading to a final catastrophic event that will cost you your life: a severe stroke, brain hemorrhage, etc.

At this point, Karen bites another in the dust and the world is a little less crazy. The problem, of course, is that there will likely be billions of vaccinated zombies going through this process as spike proteins eat up their vascular systems and brains.

Remember that strongly OurWorldInData.org So far, over 4.7 billion people have received these syringes for clots that damage the brain and break their heart were injected.

And each of these people is being hunted down and forced to continue receiving booster vaccinations until the global depopulation agenda is reached (or we can stop this madness by stopping all Covid vaccines and ending the pandemic).

This means that for those of us who aren’t zombies, one of our biggest challenges is surviving the vaccinated zombie apocalypse.

For the full story of vaccine idiots, math illiteracy, insurance addicts, and why humanity is headed for collapse, listen to today’s situation update podcast:

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Sources: Public Domain /naturalnews.com on January 8, 2022

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