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Authored by Epoch Inspired Staff,

It was almost like an action sequence from a Hollywood film.

A dramatic rescue unfolded in a New York City subway station when a man in a wheelchair somehow ended up sprawled out on the train tracks.

Video footage taken at Union Square station on Aug. 4 shows a male good Samaritan jump down from the platform to help the fallen man in a precarious situation, struggling on the ground.

As this is happening, a voice is heard over the PA system: “There is a Downtown local 6 train to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall approaching the station. Please stand away from the platform edge.

The helper reaches for the fallen man’s arm, but realizes he needs to lift the wheelchair back onto the platform first before the rescue can take place. With the help of fellow subway users on the platform, the wheelchair is hoisted up.

Then, the good Samaritan heaves the man up from below while helping hands lift from above, and the man is shifted back onto the platform safely.

A rumbling sound is heard.


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