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If 2021 seems like a blur, it was. Between an ‘insurrection’ at the Capitol building, a Texas snowstorm, Brood X cicadas, the Olympics, a stuck container ship in the Suez Canal… not to mention endless COVID variants and government-imposed restrictions – it’s been a busy year.

To help visualize this roller coaster, Axios is out with their fifth annual Google Trends chart.

As Axios writes, overall, most major events or issues this year only managed to keep America’s attention for one or two weeks.

The single topic to receive the highest percentage of Google searches all year was the Olympics, during the week of its opening ceremonies. Next came searches about stimulus checks at the very start of the year, followed by searches related to Trump during the week of Jan. 6.

Source: Axios

As the chart above shows, America’s short attention spans and rapid breaking news cycles continue.


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