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The people who now dutifully queue for a booster vaccination have been lied to by the government and billionaires like Bill Gates about the Covid vaccine for a good two years.

They said the vaccine would prevent transmission, those vaccinated would not get sick, and those vaccinated would not die. A few months later they turned 180 degrees. Meanwhile, Gates has ransacked his bank account.

“You will not get Covid if you take these vaccines,” said President Joe Biden. “These vaccines are very effective and work very well against variants,” said Anthony Fauci. “Vaccinated people do not carry the virus and do not get sick,” said the director of the US National Institute of Public Health, Rochelle Walensky. “People who get vaccinated not only protect themselves, they also reduce transmission,” said Bill Gates.

“If people are vaccinated, they can’t get infected,” said Fauci. “If you’re vaccinated, you don’t end up in the hospital, you don’t end up in the intensive care unit and you don’t die,” said Biden.

It soon became clear that the vaccine was not working as promised.

“You can no longer prevent the transmission,” said Walensky. “We didn’t have any vaccines that would prevent transmission,” said Gates. “Reports from our international colleagues, including from Israel, show that people who get vaccinated early are at increased risk of serious illnesses,” said Walensky. “And in Israel, which is always a month to 1.5 months ahead of us, we are seeing a decline in immunity, not just against infection, but also against hospitalization and, to some extent, against mortality,” said Fauci.

Lying and deceiving for profit.


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