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For weeks now, the newly discovered Corona variant Omikron has been misused by politics and the mainstream media to spread even more fear and panic.

The doctor who discovered this variant does not understand the overreaction in Europe and warns that this could lead to the possibility of missing out on the advantages that Omikron brings with it.

It clarifies that the disease is mild and that an omicron contamination of the population would lead to natural immunity in the population. That would be an advantage if new variants emerge again. Lockdowns would, however, prevent this positive development. (Cover picture: The beach in Durban on December 11th)

Omikron discoverer shocked by alarmism in Europe

The South African doctor Dr. Angelique Coetzee reported the first Omicron case and treated it. In an article in the British newspaper “Daily Mail” the doctor was surprised at the exaggerated reaction to the variant in Europe.

“Let me be clear: nothing I’ve seen in this new variant justifies the extreme measures the British government has taken in response,” said Coetzee, shocked. (British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had urged people to “Think carefully” before attending Christmas parties and social events.)

“I was stunned by the response,” she said of the political and media concern and the hastily imposed travel bans from the southern countries of Africa.

Omikron: Nobody has to go to hospital

“Nobody here in South Africa has been hospitalized with the Omikron variant, and it is also assumed that nobody here is seriously ill with it,” says Coetzee, making it clear that Omikron is more likely to be regarded as harmless.

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“My first Omicron case, a young man who came to my practice who initially believed he had been in the sun too long after working outdoors. Patients typically come with aches and pains in their muscles and limbs, headaches, and some tiredness. And her symptoms don’t seem to be getting worse. They subside after about five days, and that’s it, “she describes the mild course of the disease. (Omikron – Armageddon or Redemption?)

Early home treatment

Most patients would be treated at home with anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and low doses of cortisone. Contrary to the alarmism in Europe, there are no considerations in South Africa to impose new restrictions or lockdowns.

You have got used to new variants, explains the doctor. “When our scientists confirmed the discovery of another one, no one made anything big of it. Lots of people didn’t even notice. “

Only 26 percent stabbed twice in South Africa

She also points out that relatively few people in South Africa were genetically engineered with the experimental preparations. So far, just over 31 percent have had an injection, around 26 percent have been twice stung. Dr. Coetzee explains, “that even unprotected bodies repel this variant much more easily than Delta.”

A comparison of the odds of single and double stabs in some countries:

The doctor does not expect many deaths from Omicron

Boris Johnson recently tried to deny that Omikron is “a milder version of the virus”, citing that at least one person is known to have died from Omikron.

Dr. Coetzee counters this by saying that even one death is one too many. “But will there be many more? Our experiences in South Africa do not suggest that ”.

If Omikron were actually that deadly, one would expect the numbers to have skyrocketed, she explains, “but that’s just not the case here.” She also makes it clear that the hysteria in Europe could harm further developments.

A tough lockdown would slow the spread of omicrons in the population and deprive people of the opportunity to develop the vital antibodies that lead the population to “herd immunity”. This would be an advantage if new variants should emerge again.

Do not lose your chance of immunity through lockdowns

“This can only be of use to all of us – in contrast to restrictive measures that will hit the economy hard and lead to more misery and poverty […]”. Your advice to Boris Johnson also applies to the rest of the alarmist politicians in Europe: “Stay calm. Look at it day by day and don’t panic people because that would only end in chaos. […]

In the fight against Covid, as in life in general, it is important to choose your battles, and if we overreact to Omikron we run the risk of missing out on the advantages of a variant that could be more of a friend than an enemy. ”(Russian virologist: Omicron mutant could end pandemic – what the media are hiding from you)

“Why Omikron could end the pandemic”

The title was in the “Sunday newspaper” and other Tamedia products that took over the article. He makes you sit up and take notice. Why is?

If at the Sunday newspaper (SoZ) People like the head of politics Denis von Burg hit the keys – at least from a vaccination-skeptical point of view – little good news can be expected. All the more one can ask whether certain passages of an article in the SoZ Rub your eyes in amazement.

“Epidemiologists suspect that the new virus variant will provide herd immunity in the foreseeable future,” says a text of the SoZ from December 12th. This is likely to be far more contagious than the now prevailing delta mutation, so initial observations suggested. “On the other hand, Omikron should make you much less sick. Up to now only a few severe courses have been observed. “

Despite the rampant new virus, South Africa is only reporting a slight increase in occupancy in intensive care units, according to the SoZ further. The same thing can be said in the EU. According to the European Medicines Agency, the cases seemed mostly easy, but more data was needed.

“That is why the first scientists even see the Omikron variant as possible End of the pandemic»Writes the trio of authors Denis von Burg, Cyrill Pinto and Mischa Aebi. Her theory: There is a real threat of an infection with Omikron, because practically everyone would be infected. “But it is precisely because of this that the virus leads to herd immunity.”

In the article, the virologist Isabella Eckerle from Geneva University Hospital confirms: “Omikron is so contagious that this virus could be our ticket to the endemic situation.” She assumes that our immunity to Sars-CoV-2 will become “more and more resilient and broader” over time.

Even Katalin Karikó, co-inventor of the mRNA vaccine and Vice President of Biontech, sees Omikron as a possible way out of the pandemic: “If it is really the case that Omikron will displace the Delta variant because it is more contagious, but does not cause serious illness , then we don’t need to worry, I am very optimistic. ” This is what she is said to have said according to various media reports. Because then «herd immunity could be achieved».

Even the top US corona advisor Anthony Fauci is said to have spoken of “encouraging observations” and a possible turnaround in the pandemic. So does one last big wave follow before the turnaround? Will the vaccinated also be infected en masse by Omikron when the “vaccination protection” is obviously inadequate against Delta – and now even more so against Omikron? How is healthcare going to cope with the challenge? Question after question.

Of course, the authors paint out horror scenarios again, of overburdened hospitals because of the sheer number of Omicron infections, despite the expected milder course of the disease. Once again they complain about the low vaccination rate in Switzerland and again preach mantra-like vaccinations and boosters, whatever the case.

The positive rates with the Omikron variant are particularly high in Denmark and England – two countries with a particularly high level of “vaccination coverage” at the same time.

A specific “vaccination” against Omikron should not be available until March, i.e. too late to prevent a rapid wave of infection, as read by the vaccination turbo. The fact that it is de facto admitted that the double vaccination and the booster do not even protect against delta, let alone omicron infections, remains, as expected, unspoken.

Correspondingly, a possible herd immunity that is in prospect is painted black by Omikron as an “end of the horror” instead of as an opportunity. But at least the authors admit: “It may be that the pandemic ends with Omikron.”

That could be the real reason for the lockdowns and restrictions so that humanity would not achieve herd immunity and would continue to be dependent on the vaccinations. Where would we be if the vaccinations we had produced and bought were suddenly worthless …(Elimination in modern vaccinations of spike proteins and graphene oxide (video))

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Sources: PublicDomain /wochenblick.at/corona-transition.org am 22.12.2021

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