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In the cover image Augusta Turiaco and Piero Taurino

The cases of the carabiniere Piero Taurino in Mantua and the teacher Augusta Turiaco in Messina are the first that came to the attention of the news for the reference to the criminal shield adopted by the government to protect doctors from unfortunately very numerous adverse reactions to experimental gene sera.

In fact, Taurino, who died at 50, and Turiaco at 55 have in common not only the death which occurred in connection with the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine (identified as responsible also of the death of the very young Camilla Canepa) but the request for filing by the judiciary for the application of the law that guarantees health professionals impunity before those that we do not hesitate to define “state murders”: for the repeated alarms on vaccines that have emerged since clinical trials and confirmed from multiple deaths in the first weeks of administration. As also emerged from a confidential Pfizer dossier on 1,223 hidden deaths.

The DL 44/2021, “Urgent measures to contain the COVID-19 epidemic, in the matter of anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations, justice and public competitions”, entered into force on 1 April 2021. After the passage to the Chambers, the document has undergone some changes and has been converted into L 76/2021, in force since 1 June last. Let us delve into the Capo I of the law. This contains two important measures related to containing the epidemic: l’vaccination obligation of healthcare personnel and the so-called “Criminal shield” for doctors and health professionals, during theCovid emergency (Articles 3-3bis).

By virtue of this provision of law, two different public prosecutors have requested archiving despite the ascertained causal link between the vaccine inoculation and death.


«It would have been the administration of the Astrazeneca vaccine that caused the death last March of the fifty-year-old major marshal of the carabinieri of Mantua Pietro Taurino. To support him in their long relationship are the consultants appointed by the Public Prosecutor of Mantua who declared that there was a correlation between the formation of thrombi in the brain and the intake of the vaccine “wrote MantovaUno on 3 November last.

The magistrates in charge of the investigation, conducted by the chief prosecutor Manuela Fasolato and by the deputy Giulio Tamburini, had entrusted an expert assignment to three experts specialized precisely in the field of cerebral thrombosis as well as in the coroner field. Together with the results of the autopsy which had shown that the carabiniere had died from cerebral venous thrombosis, very important for the investigation were the blood tests that the Public Prosecutor had carried out before and after the death of the non-commissioned officer. These would have highlighted the presence of “thrombocytopenic purpura”, practically the formation of very small ones blood clots that would block the blood supply to vital organs such as the brain, heart and kidneys.

«The marshal had always been in excellent shape, and even the first days after the vaccine he seemed to be fine, then on the sixth day after immunization he began to suffer from severe headaches which did not prevent him from working. Until his condition suddenly worsened. The CT scan he was subjected to immediately after his entry to the emergency room had ascertained that it was a cerebral thrombosis »writes the online newspaper Mantua.

The investigation ended with the request for dismissal for manslaughter. The Judge of the Preliminary Investigation must now express himself on this with reference to article 3 of decree 44/2021, the so-called “criminal shield” which excludes the punishment of doctors and nurses for manslaughter (or injury).


The same request for filing was made by the Sicilian magistracy for the death of the teacher Augusta Turiaco. The family members Paolo and Helga Turiaco explain this together with the lawyer Daniela Agnello.

“Following the filing of the medical-legal report which certified the existence of a causal link between the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine and the death of prof. Augusta Turiaco, the Messina Public Prosecutor’s Office presented a request for dismissal of the criminal proceedings. It did not investigate the company that produced the AstraZeneca vaccine and did not investigate the authorities who authorized the administration of a vaccine that caused the death of our dear and beloved Augusta – reads the lawyer’s note – the Turiaco family continues to ask for truth and clarity, lament the lack of response to the disturbing e alarming interrogators remained without investigation regarding an unsafe vaccine since it caused Augusta’s death“.

The prosecutor ruled out the responsibility of the vaccine manufacturer considering that “the vaccine was administered following the authorizations of the competent authorities (EMA and AIFA) and, therefore, after the rigorous observance of all the trials and protocols required by law before production and the marketing of the drug, according to the state of progress of the research at the time of the facts “.

“In the records – continues the note from the lawyer Agnello – there are no investigations supporting the motivations of the investigating bodies. Were the trial trials conducted correctly? Why did they not take into account the publication of scientific studies from 2007 that highlighted that adenoviral vector vaccines could cause thrombocytopenia problems? Why were communications and information on AstraZeneca vaccine side effects only disclosed on March 24 where was there already knowledge of adverse events? Why did they already have clinical protocols for vaccine-induced thrombosis in England in March? It’s still, because the modification of the informed consent and the package leaflet and the publication of the new form by EMA, the contradictions, the suspension and ultimately the withdrawal of the vaccine as well as the many, and many other questions remained without investigation and without answer? “.

The family does not stop and will turn to the Judge of the preliminary investigations for clarity and truth, answers and clarifications on a vaccine that led to the death of the teacher.

“We believe – continue the relatives and the lawyer – that the right to adequate and correct information of the patient undergoing vaccination treatment has also been violated. The complaint has always constituted not an attack on the vaccination campaign, considered necessary and indispensable, but an alarm signal, a request for investigations, clarifications and insights, for truth in respect of the right to health as an inviolable asset of the community. At present, the various shadows and disturbing doubts remain in the authorization and collective administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine and the Turiaco Family will continue its search for clarity in the name of Augusta and of the many victims of the AstraZeneca vaccine “.

The death of Augusta Turiaco, the coroner report

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