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A small naval ship had major COVID-19 problems that interrupted its operation in Guantanamo Bay while the “infected” crew recuperated.

The USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) remains in port as some sailors test positive for COVID-19, a US Navy statement said. “The crew is 100% vaccinated and all COVID-19 positive sailors are isolated on board and separated from the other crew members,” said the Navy. “Some of the infected showed slight symptoms”.

The vaccine continues to show efficacy against serious diseases, said spokesman for the Navy in their statement.

The Milwaukee left Mayport, Fla., On December 14, en route to the area of ​​operations of the 4th Fleet to support a Joint Interagency Task Force South mission to intercept drug traffickers in the Caribbean and the Eastern Pacific, so the Navy.

The ship is a Freedom Class Littoral Combat Ship – hence the abbreviation LCS for the ship’s hull, says the Navy website, which further states: “The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is a fast one , agile, mission-oriented platform that was designed for use in coastal environments in order to be able to react against current threats. See source for more details.


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