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The Food and Drug Administration warned Tuesday that COVID-19 antigen tests may be significantly less able to detect Omikron, the fast-spreading variant of COVID.

The latest warning builds on early research by the National Institutes of Health’s Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics initiative, which used samples from patients with live viruses – an investigation that the FDA says is “the best way to gauge the real performance of tests to be assessed at short notice “.

Am Tuesday the FDA statedthat the “early data suggest that antigen tests may detect the omicron variant but may be less sensitive”.

The presence of numerous mutations in the omicron variant of the virus has resulted in an increased likelihood that it will elude the defense against COVID achieved through vaccines and treatments such as some monoclonal antibodies.

The FDA has determined that the presence of mutations in the virus may reduce the effectiveness of the test depending on the sequence of the variant, the design of the test, and how the variant has spread among the population.

Many popular home antigen tests are designed to be used in series, which means that people must do two tests on different days to get more accurate results.

The FDA reiterated its suggestion that people “should follow the test instructions carefully,” adding that if the antigen test was negative but had COVID-19 symptoms or a “high chance of infection due to exposure,” a molecular test should be performed should be to confirm the result.

“Although the data is preliminary, the FDA believes it is important to share it with the public,” FDA spokeswoman Stephanie Caccomo told POLITICO. “We will continue to keep the public informed when additional information comes to light.”

The latest NIH data came just weeks after a separate NIH study of heat-inactivated samples from Omikron, which showed that antigen tests were able to detect the Omikron variant “with similar performance” to other strains of the virus.

The fact is, however, that you are legally not allowed to know which variant you have been infected with COVID-19, even if it is Delta or Omikron. There is no test for any variant of Covid, and no laboratory plans to develop one. It is an open COVID-19 variant scam, which is why you will not be told which variant you are infected with.

According to leading virologists, the implementation of mass vaccination campaigns against the background of high infection rates creates optimal conditions for the reproduction of even more infectious Sars-CoV-2 variants.

In addition, the CDC has revoked the emergency approval for RT-PCR for COVID-19 testing.

Numerous courts around the world have classified the use of RT-PCR to detect SARS-COV-2 as unreliable and downright fraudulent.

A Portuguese appeals court ruled that PCR testing is unreliable and that it is illegal to quarantine people based on a PCR test alone.

Similarly, the Austrian court ruled that PCR tests are not suitable for diagnosing COVID-19 and that bans have no legal or scientific basis.

An Austrian MP then exposed the flawedness of the government’s COVID-19 tests by demonstrating in parliament how a glass of Coca Cola tested positive for COVID-19.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) itself made a U-turn and changed its PCR test criteria, warning experts not to rely solely on the results of a PCR test for detecting the coronavirus.

As GreatGameIndia previously reported, the standard coronavirus tests showed a large number of positive cases every day. These tests are performed on the basis of flawed WHO protocols, which are designed to include false-positive cases.

This fact of false positive PCR tests was first discovered by Dr. Beda M. Stadler, a Swiss biologist, professor emeritus and former director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Bern.

Previously, the WHO test protocol had even been questioned by the national health authority of Finland. The WHO had called on countries to test as many patients as possible for the coronavirus.

The Finnish head of the health authority, Mika Salminen, rejected the recommendation of the WHO, saying that the WHO understands nothing about pandemics and that their coronavirus test protocol is illogical and does not work.


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