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Viral footage out of Canada shows a man being denied entry to a local farmer’s market because he wouldn’t show his vaccine passport.

“I need proof of vaccination to get food?” the man filming asked a woman working the market. “Yes,” she replied.

Employees of the Artscape Wychwood Barns farmer’s market in Toronto, Canada refused the let the man shop for food and gave him the contact information for their manager.

“This is segregation,” the unvaccinated man behind the camera told the workers. “You’re segregating people. You’re not letting me get food.”

A masked security worker asked the farmer’s market employees if they wanted him to call the police on the unvaccinated man.

“Yeah, call the police,” the man filming said. “You cannot prevent people from getting food and feeding themselves.”

The security guard then told the man he was trespassing on private property and had to leave.

“This is private property and you need to leave, without vaccination,” he said. “That is the law I’m telling you.”

This is the world the global elite have created by milking the Covid pandemic and using fear to implement the Great Reset, NWO agenda.

UFC fighter and U.S. special forces member Tim Kennedy called the encounter “evil”.


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