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The limited peacekeeping mission of the CSTO under Russian leadership in Kazakhstan is predictably going to trigger an intense, US-led Western information war campaign, the false narratives of which are preventively exposed in this article

The Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) has approved a limited peacekeeping mission in Kazakhstan in response to President Tokayev’s request for assistance in combating the hybrid war on terror against his country. This military move will predictably trigger an intense, US-led Western information war campaign, the false narratives of which are preventively exposed in this article.

  1. Lie: “Russia invades Kazakhstan!”

Motive: The CSTO’s limited peacekeeping operation is to be portrayed as a Russian neo-imperialist trick.

The truth: the internationally recognized Kazakh leader has officially asked the CSTO for help.

  1. Lie: “Russia is rebuilding the Soviet Union!”

Motive: Reviving Hillary Clinton’s false narrative to justify Russia’s “containment”.

The truth: the CSTO’s limited peacekeeping mission will not change any political borders.

  1. Lie: “Russia is killing Kazakh democracy!”

Motive: Perverse justification of the latest wave of urban terrorism as “peaceful democratic protests”.

The truth: the CSTO is conducting counter-terrorism operations to restore law and order.

  1. Lie: “Russia slaughters unarmed peaceful demonstrators!”

Motive: Dramatize the false pretext for the possible imposition of further sanctions against Russia.

The truth: Russia is fighting armed terrorists and ensuring the safety of innocent Kazakh civilians.

  1. Lie: “Russia will fail in Kazakhstan!”

Motive: baseless scare tactics in front of an Afghan swamp.

The Truth: The Kazakh people support the efforts of their CSTO allies to end this week’s reign of terror.

  1. Lie: “Russia is destabilizing Central Asia!”

Motive: to portray Russia as a destabilizing force in the region that always behaves irresponsibly.

The truth: Russia is restoring stability in Central Asia after Kazakhstan fell victim to hybrid war.

  1. Lie: “Russia is distracted from Ukraine!”

Motive: It is assumed that Russia is unable to cope with several crises and is therefore weak in relation to Ukraine.

The truth: Russia’s previously declared red lines are non-negotiable and it will be determined to protect its security.

  1. Lie: “Russia competes with China in Kazakhstan!”

Motive: Desperate attempt to drive a wedge between the rock-solid Russian-Chinese strategic partnership.

The truth: China has consistently campaigned against terrorism and therefore supports the task of the CSTO.

  1. Lie: “Russia spreads fake news that America is behind the hybrid terror war against Kazakhstan!”

Motive: Discrediting the theory that the subversive anti-Russian “Deep State” faction in the USA caused the crisis.

The truth: The denial by White House press secretary Psaki makes the US look even more suspicious.

  1. Lie: “Russia’s CSTO mission proves that Moscow is a universal enemy of all democracies!”

Motive: To give credibility to the false narrative of last month’s “Summit for Democracy”.

The truth: The CSTO mission is saving the Kazakh democracy from an anti-democratic terrorist takeover.

The desperate attempts by the US-led western mainstream media to discredit the CSTO’s limited Russian-led peacekeeping mission in Kazakhstan will fail. All attempts to spread the above-mentioned info war narratives will fail because they have no factual basis. Those who spread it will paradoxically only discredit themselves and at the same time further strengthen Russia’s international credibility.


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