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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla admitted that up to two doses of his company’s experimental mRNA vaccine aren’t very effective against Covid-19, if at all.

The chairman of the pharmaceutical company made the astonishing admission Monday during an interview with Yahoo Finance, where he suggested two doses, plus an additional booster dose, were needed to have some semblance of protection – however, not against infection.

“Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any,” Bourla said when asked about developing an omicron variant-specific booster.

“Three doses with a booster offer reasonable protection against hospitalization and deaths,” Bourla added.

However, “Less protection against infection,” the CEO admitted.

The new admissions are a complete 180° from Bourla’s previous statements last year, which touted the first and second vaccine doses as “100% effective.”

The CEO did not venture to entertain the prospect of a fourth vaccine providing more or less protection, despite countries like Israel already going forward and rolling out a 4-dose Covid shot program.

Bourla said Pfizer is currently working on developing a Covid vaccine “1.1,” which would supposedly cover omicron and be ready in March; but by this time, Pfizer may have outstayed its welcome with a vaccine-weary public.

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