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At least two additives in the mRNA vaccines are expressly not approved for use in humans. This is not a joke, but the manufacturer writes it himself.

Currently one is going short speech went viral from an anti-corona demo the content of which I couldn’t believe. One speaker said that at least two additives in BionTech / Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines are expressly not approved for use in humans. They are not even intended for use in humans. By Thomas Röper

Since the man gave sources for everything, it was not a problem to verify his claims. We will now do this together, but I will anticipate the result: The man is right, people are currently being “vaccinated” millions of times with substances that are expressly not intended or approved for use in humans.

„Not for human use“

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has listed in its documents, among other things, the ingredients of Comirnaty, the mRNA vaccine from BionTech / Pfizer.

What it is about can be found in a document called “APPENDIX I – SUMMARY OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS“And it’s about the additives of the vaccine from BionTech / Pfizer with the product names ALC-0159 and ALC-0315listed in document and developed by Echolon Biosciences.

The speaker said that one could read explicitly about these additives on the Echolon website that they were not intended for use in humans (“not for human use”). His statement is not true, because if you call up the mentioned page of Echolon, this notice is missing. Did the speaker lie? (Covid vaccination: cardiologist discovers possible long-term consequences)

No, he made his speech on December 18th, but it seems that he hadn’t been on Echolon’s side for a few days before that. The Corodok portal reported about these things a few days earlier and Echolon – coincidence or not – changed its page immediately afterwards. Corodok reported on December 9th.

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Some “magic”

So what to do How can you find out what Echolon used to write about its additives ALC-0159 and ALC-0315?

For such cases there is a magic trick, namely the Wayback Machine Internet archive, where you can see how Internet pages have changed over time.

And lo and behold: the speaker was right and it is also true, what the colleagues from Corodok write, because on December 9th Echolon changed its pages about the two additives. You could read about both additives at Echolon until December 9th:

„This product is for research use only and not for human use“

Translated it means:(Elimination in modern vaccinations of spike proteins and graphene oxide (video))

“The product is only for research purposes and not for use in humans”

Since December 9th, the words “and not for human use” have been missing for both additives, now there is only the first half of the sentence.Study in “the Lancet”: Majority of those infected and dead in D, UK, USA, Israel are fully vaccinated)

Here you can find the page of ALC-0159 before December 9th and after December 9th, and here the page of ALC-0315 before December 9th and after December 9th. And here is the current status of the pages from ALC-0159 and from ALC-0315.

On the website Courage makers the speaker, he calls himself Hardy, wrote down his allegations and linked everything properly.

The human experiment

I have stated many times that mRNA technology has never been approved for use in humans. It was only in the course of Covid-19 that this technology was approved for use in humans by means of emergency approvals.

Since mRNA vaccines are, by medical definition, gene therapeutics (You can find details here), the mRNA vaccines are a large-scale human genetic experiment, because nobody knows the long-term effects of this technology.

In addition, as it now turns out, at least two additives are inoculated, which – according to the manufacturer (!!!) – are expressly not intended for use in humans.

One wonders how that can be done. How could the EU allow such “vaccines”? (CIA Neurobiology Experts: Using RNA Vaccine To Control Human Brain (Video))

Emer Cooke and the EMA

Emer Cooke was appointed head of the European Medicines Agency EMA in November 2020 and before joining the EU, she was head of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), a European lobbying association for the pharmaceutical industry, of which AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer are members . She worked there until 1998 and then switched directly to the EU. From 2016 to 2020 she was also with the WHO, more on that in a moment.

On November 16, 2020, she was appointed head of the EMA and was thus responsible for the approval of vaccines in the EU. And it was quick: AstraZeneca and BionTech / Pfizer had their EU approvals before Christmas 2020.

And no sooner had Johnson & Johnson announced that their vaccine had finally been developed, when Johnson & Johnson immediately received EU approval in March 2021.How they want to kill billions with the flu: Covid vaccines lead to failure of the “AIDS” immune system (video))

Emer Cooke also plays in my new book “Inside Corona“A role, it’s about your time at WHO. At the WHO she was responsible for deciding which drugs and vaccines the WHO approves for its multi-million dollar programs.

And it was precisely at this time that the WHO attracted attention because it preferred to buy much more expensive drugs for its “aid programs” from Western corporations than to buy cheaper – and absolutely identical – drugs from other manufacturers. Emer Cooke has done only one thing in her entire professional life: she has made sure that the profits of the western pharmaceutical companies bubble up.

And this lady approved the experimental mRNA vaccines in a hurry and she knew that there were additives in them that are not intended or approved for use in humans. After all, these additives are mentioned in the EMA document, so the EMA cannot play stupid. (With the onset of booster vaccinations, excess mortality increases significantly)

What the EU is doing is completely gaga. Making someone like Emer Cooke head of the drug agency would be like making the culprit of the rotten meat scandal head of food inspection. Something like that can only be found in the EU.

And the oh-so-critical “quality media”? They don’t care …

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Sources: PublicDomain /anti-spiegel.ru am 22.12.2021

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