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Rev. Mark Burns of South Carolina recently announced his candidacy for U.S. House, and has now secured the coveted endorsement of Gen. Michael Flynn.

Burns, who rose to nationwide prominence as for fiery speeches delivered in his role as 45th President Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor, was endorsed by Flynn in a statement released earlier today and obtained by National File.

Flynn described Burns as a champion for “election integrity” and a strident opponent of COVID-19 restrictions and alarmism.

“Pastor Burns’ advocacy for election integrity and against the devastating lockdowns and mandates has been second to none in South Carolina and nationally,” said Flynn.

“Time Magazine calls Pastor Burns ‘Donald Trump’s Top Pastor’, and it’s easy to see why. I have no doubt that Pastor Burns’ steel spine will scare many in the Washington D.C. swamp.”


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Flynn concluded, “I consider Pastor Mark Burns a dear friend and I strongly and wholeheartedly endorse him for Congress in South Carolina’s 4th district.”

Burns is the pastor of a non denominational church in South Carolina, which also serves as the home of The NOW Television Network, his Christian television network that reaches 11 million homes in South Carolina.

On Twitter, Burns thanks Flynn for his support, calling him “a true American hero” who willingly “sacrificed himself and all of his family” for the United States.

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“I’m honored to have General Flynn’s support,” wrote Burns.

In a statement sent to his supporters, Burns added, “I will always fight hard to exemplify the same selflessness and patriotic duty to God, to Family, and to Country General Flynn has.”

Flynn, who served as the National Security Advisor for President Trump, has made a series of endorsements since being pardened by the 45th President earlier this year. In Virginia, Flynn recently endorsed fellow military veteran Jarome Bell for U.S. House.

The former National Security Advisor became a key figure in American politics due to his extensive military record and the high profile prosecution he endured during the Trump administration for allegedly violating an obscure law from the 18th century known as The Logan Act.

It has since been reported that, during the waning days of the Obama administration, Joe Biden played a role in exploring whether this law from the 1700s could be used against Flynn.


Trump’s Pastor Is Running For Congress, And He’s Endorsed By Mike Flynn

Read Gen. Flynn’s endorsement of Mark Burns:

20211217 GF Official Endorsement – Pastor Mark Burns

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