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Article by Filippo Chinnici

The statements by D. Trump, during the interview with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, that he had undergone the vaccine caused a sensation. Some got discouraged, others got confused, disoriented. How are things really? I have finally been able to listen to this interview and allow myself to give you my reading of the facts why there is no reason to be confused or disoriented, naturally without any presumption of infallibility.

I’m not Trump’s advocate, and he doesn’t need it. Several times I have made it clear that I do not trust the man, regardless, and therefore not even Trump (Jeremiah 17: 9). I also said that fanaticisms have always worried me, regardless of ideology. Therefore I have always looked with suspicion at Don Trump’s fanatics who even invoke him as the savior. I recently became aware of the existence of many fake Trumpians, fake Q-anians, probably infiltrated by the deep state, even in social networks, in order to strike at the right moment to sow doubt, discouragement and division. Because, let us always remember, they want us divided! And this interview, according to them, was the occasion.

Therefore, with regard to this interview by D. Trump, I was able to listen carefully and – I say this with absolute serenity -, I saw nothing that justifies the panic in which some have allowed themselves to be sucked in. I have known certain dynamics and certain contexts well enough to be able to easily grasp the meaning and nuances of certain statements that, in this specific case, I want to share with you.


First let’s look at the context. It is not a normal period that we are experiencing, but a war is underway. We must understand that we are in the midst of a global conflict, and that this hybrid war is also being played out a lot from a psychological point of view. There is a lot of PSYOP, so communication plays an even more important role than usual at this stage. Proof of this is that the deep state almost totally controls all information. At least the western one.

It is a war that is being fought on several fronts: the economic and financial one, the cyber and digital one, the religious and spiritual one, the social one (see the war on social networks), the health and also the political one. Now, although D. Trump by virtue of 45th US president finds himself interacting with all fronts, the one who sees him precisely engaged in the first person (and for this he was chosen) is naturally the political one.

Therefore, let’s ask politically how D. Trump can fight the deep state other than by gnawing at the deep state electorate? And to do this, what strategy must he implement? These are the questions to ask. And if we analyze the facts carefully, it is possible to see that Trump often uses the same deep state tactic, but in a mirror-like way.

Now, D. Trump, despite being aware that the words of this interview would be taken up all over the world, he is addressing his own electorate. He is speaking to the American people not to the Italians.

And Trump is aware that due to the near-absolute control of information by the deep state, there is a substantial chunk of the American population that is totally manipulated by the mainstream media. So, how to conquer them?

Furthermore, the deep state is implementing (it must be acknowledged successfully so far) the policy of divide and rule (“Divide and conquer”), that is, feed the rivalry and discord of peoples by dividing them into “No Vax” and “Pro Vax” so as to dominate them to the point that most of those who are against the experimental serum despite having done all the other vaccines are then cataloged among the “no vax”. The goal of the deep state is to sow hatred to divide us and make us fight among ourselves. Have you ever wondered why even the mainstream media spread messages of pure hate speech against no vax, if not to provoke their reaction and fuel the division?


In light of this context, it is evident that if in this war against this globalist elite, Don Trump were to oppose himself by continuing the Manichean division, Guelph and Ghibelline style, he would end up playing their game. This is what, for example, many fake Q-Anon infiltrators are doing in an attempt to delegitimize from the inside what is, in my opinion, the largest military intelligence operation in history: Q!

On the contrary, D. Trump must bring the so-called “No Vax” closer to the so-called “Pro Vax”, a Manichean division studied and implemented by the deep state. And to do so he chooses the Christmas period when everyone’s minds are usually more relaxed. This is evident when in the interview when he says: “Do not leave the vaccine to them” because for a large part of the American people this serum is a merit “.


The facts are that D. Trump has already contracted Covid 19 in October 2020, in the middle of the electoral campaign, and that he defeated it in a few days by treating it with monoclonals. He declared it himself, and he himself has publicly expressed his desire to make these treatments available and free for the entire American population. He literally asserted “Regeneron is an incredible and more important cure than the vaccine and will be free for all.” Does this sound like the speech of a covidiot who supports vaccines? Have you ever heard Fauci speak like that? Trump is well aware of what lies behind this virus, but he cannot say everything. He also knows that he has to go to a section of Americans who have been totally brainwashed and require time and patience to deprogram them. It is true that he answers the reporter’s question by claiming to have done the booster. He said it. It’s clear! However, the facts are that unlike M. Pence, J. Biden, K. Harris etc. there is no video, no shred of photos or evidence that he has inoculated himself with the serum. He said it, but these are the facts. He never got caught.


Trump simply asserts that he takes credit for vaccines for having them ready in nine months and not five years and that (I rightly add) you shouldn’t leave the credit for this to your opponents. Point. The problem that triggered the understandable emotional reaction of those present, if anything, comes later when the reporter asks D. Trump if he has done the booster, and Trump answers “yes”.

Now, in light of the above, I ask you: If Trump had answered “NO”, would he have created a union among the population or would he have fueled the division by playing the game of the globalist elite who have always wanted to divide in order to dominate us?

From the beginning of the interview it is clear that Trump uses conciliatory tones, and if he had answered “NO” to the question he would have nullified everything he had built up to that moment. Instead, he replied “YES”, displacing the deep state that perhaps expected Tump to talk about the treatments by asserting that they are better than the vaccine as he had already done. However, again in the interview he immediately afterwards speaks the same about the treatments but without contrasting them with “vaccines”. However, those who are well informed know that these statements are anachronistic because if there is a cure, the “vaccines” are not needed. Why, then, did the detractors dwell on only one sentence, isolating it from the context?

Now, I ask: have you ever heard of any of the puppets of the globalist elite, such as Fauci for example, that Covid is treatable? It cannot do this because it would make the “vaccines” useless. Please use intelligence. Knowing the Truth Sets You Free (John 8:32)

Furthermore, to increase the dose (here it takes), Trump added that vaccines should be optional. Be careful because Trump is playing a subtle game that not everyone can perceive. He makes a quick speech for which certain details could escape, as when he talks about three vaccines, or when he connects the speech, without concluding it, to the “Spanish”.

Forgive me, but unlike some who have panicked, I am of the opinion that Donald Trump, also in this interview, has given us a demonstration of his genius, managing to turn a malicious question to make it fall into an opportunity to unite the American people. precisely in that terrain where the globalist elite divided it: the “Vaccines”. And so while the deep state is using the “vaccine” to divide the population into “no vax” and “pro vax”, Trump united it by making it all flow into the «FREE VAX». Forgive the English. He has dealt another severe blow to the deep state in a single move, defused the accusation of “conspiracy theorist”, annihilated the strategy of divide and rule, he promoted not hatred and division but on the contrary unity and reconciliation, he reassured those manipulated by the deep state who believe in the “vaccine” god and at the same time he reassured all the others leaving them free to decide. A genius!


Donald TRUMP: “Don’t be like that” The former president challenged by the public after revealing that he had taken the third dose


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