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Last month Italy imposed itself new restrictions on unvaccinated amid concern over the Omicron variant appearing to infect only fully vaccinated individuals. Most public activities will be banned for people without a Covid “Super Green Pass”.

The Super Green Pass will be required to enter theaters, sporting events, restaurants and bars. Violators will be charged between 400 and 1,000 euros.

The Student Check The Green Pass (Italian Students Against Green Pass) asks for help for the current situation in Italy. The movement believed that this green pass was not a health measure but a political way to discriminate and restructure society.

According to the group, Italy is transforming into a health regime.

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“Italy is now a country where all forms of freedom and human rights are ceasing to exist. Day after day, Italy is becoming a truly authoritarian and apartheid-based health regime, led by a powerful and self-deprecating Prime Minister, who can act without any real control, limitation or responsibility ”.

Here is the extract of the email sent to The Gateway Pundit:

Italy it is turning into a health regime. We appeal to all of you to defend democracy and freedom of choice, against vaccine coercion and discrimination based on individual decisions on personal health.

We decided to make this video, hoping for international support and solidarity, we are forced both physically and mentally and we are not the only ones in the world.
We want you to know that you are not alone and that we are willing to fight side by side with you, with all other countries that are willing to change the current situation to create a better world.
We are no longer the happy, democratic land that our politicians and media try to represent with their false narrative. Italy it is now a country where all kinds of freedoms and human rights are ceasing to exist.

Day to day, Italy it is becoming a truly authoritarian and apartheid-based health regime, led by a powerful and self-deprecating Prime Minister, who can act without any real control, limitation or accountability.
The counterbalance system between the three powers was sabotaged by Mario Draghi, who nullified the primacy of Parliament, overturning its consolidated role as the legislative body of this country.
This coup took place with the acquiescence, if not the complicity, of all Italian institutions, the judiciary and political parties, including the so-called “opposition bloc”. Above all our President Sergio Mattarella, the Head of State, to whom we Italians entrust as impartial “Guardian of the Constitution”, has decided to softly approve any type of decision taken by the Draghi cabinet, nullifying his role as impartial figurehead.

Indeed, the President of the Republic now openly supports the climate of reproach and stigmatization against unvaccinated people in his public speeches. Something the government has been encouraging over the past couple of years. As far as we are concerned, we cannot study, work and live with serenity, but, despite all the adversities, we will continue to fight for our constitutional rights, freedom of choice and our right to study. We support democracy.

Help us, as Italian students, to make this message viral: we need your help.
There is an emergency in our country!

The movement decided to create a video hoping for international support and solidarity while the whole world is facing the same crisis.

One of the students speaking is an Italian medical student named Joseph. He accused the Italian government of making his life miserable because he decided not to be the “guinea pig” of an experimental gene therapy that could lead to serious consequences on his health. Here is the transcript of the video below:

My name is Giuseppe, I am an Italian medical student and today I want to tell you how the Italian government has made my life unhappy just because I have decided to refuse an experimental gene therapy that could have serious consequences for my health.

Firstly, I am not allowed to go to a restaurant, cinema, pub or gym. It’s funny because this government pretends to take care of my health while actually preventing me from going to the gym, which would make me healthier than I already am. It also prevents me from having a social life that could lead to depression and all the negative consequences that depression has on the mind and body of a young person like me.

Secondly, I am not allowed to take bus, train or plane if their destination is within national borders. Basically, I can only take my car to move to this country. If not, I will be fined and possibly thrown off the bus or train or I will not be allowed to board the plane.

True science doesn’t force you to believe, it just shows you,Said Victoria, another speaker who is a dentistry student. Here is the transcript:

I learned in my studies that real science doesn’t force you to believe, it just shows you. And what the COVID certification for work, study and social occasions has shown us that the Italian government is guilty of creating unhealthy places since you can still catch and pass COVID with the vaccine, first of all.

Secondly, it creates discrimination, social exclusion through blackmail and the use of force, and prevents the right to study and education through a certification we call the Green Pass. Is this what true science has to do to be heard? Aren’t universities supposed to be a place for exchanging ideas, opinions, theories?

The term University itself derives from the Latin word Universitas, which means totality. So what are we going to lose in terms of social intellectual enrichment? How many lives, dreams, hopes will we sacrifice in the name of a new religion that we now call science?


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