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Triple vaxxed CNBC host and self-described germaphobe Jim Cramer tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday.

Not only did Cramer get three Moderna shots, he was so paranoid about germs that he wouldn’t even bring FedEx boxes into his home unless they sat outside for 48 hours to “degerm” during the height of Covid.

And he still got Covid.

Cramer tweeted a photo of his Covid test results.

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Cramer still thanked Moderna and said he was “grateful to be vaccinated.”

Cramer is triple vaxxed…

Triple vaxxed Covid positive Cramer is concerned “AS EVER” about the unvaxxed (you can’t make this up).

Last month Cramer went on an insane rant and called on Joe Biden to impose a universal vaccine mandate enforced by the military.

Cramer said it’s “psychotic” to allow people to “lawfully walk around unvaccinated.”

His solution?

Impose a universal vaccine mandate and use the military to enforce the order.

“It’s time to admit we have to go to war against Covid. Require vaccination universally. Have the military run it. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, you better to be ready to prove your conscientious objector status in court, and even then you need to help in the war effort by staying home until we finally beat this thing,” Cramer said last month on Mad Money.


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