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An Israeli tourist who went on a manhunt for leaving his hotel in Bangkok without waiting for the result of his Covid-19 test, which came back positive, turned himself in to the police on Koh Samui on Wednesday afternoon.

He first traveled to Pattaya, but then went to the south of the holiday island.

Ohad Baruch, 29, turned himself in to the police shortly after noon.

Samui District Head Theerapong Chuaychoo and senior police and health officials went to Samui Piar Bangrak restaurant in Tambon Bo Phud at around 12:30 p.m. to pick up Baruch.

He had previously reported to the authorities and said that he wanted to surrender.

After a conversation, he was taken by ambulance to Koh Samui hospital for a Covid-19 test. Volunteer “health workers” accompanied him.

Niwet Saksri, deputy chief of Koh Samui’s health department, said the search for the tourist began Wednesday morning after it was learned that he had traveled to the island.

They found him at a local restaurant and he had coordinated the man’s handover.

Deputy police spokesman Pol Col Krissana Pattanacharoen said Wednesday afternoon that police had requested an arrest warrant for the man.

According to media reports, the tourist police had informed the Bangkok police that the tourist had contacted his embassy and said that he would face the police on Koh Samui.

Police General Jirasan Kaewsaeng-ek, spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Bureau, said the test result showed the man was infected with the Delta variant, not Omicron.

The man arrived in Thailand in the early hours of December 17 and was quarantined at a hotel in the Sukhumvit area while waiting for the result of his RT PCR Covid-19 test.

However, the next day he left the hotel without waiting for the result and reportedly took a taxi to Pattaya at around 2 p.m. Around the same time, the hotel was informed that the man’s test was positive for the coronavirus. The hotel staff reported his absence to the Thong Lor police.

A source said the tourist arrived in Pattaya and tried to check into a hotel but was unable to show his passport and was turned away by the hotel.

In the Thai media, the Israeli tourist was referred to as “Mr. Ohad”.

At around 10:30 p.m. on December 18, the police team checked the records of his cell phone use and found that he had turned off his phone.

The Thong Lor Police Department has asked the Disease Control Department to file a complaint against the tourist for failing to comply with the disease control measures and thereby violating the Emergency Ordinance. The offense is punishable by a maximum sentence of two years in prison and / or a fine of 40,000 baht.

He is also charged with failing to reside in a place to which he held a permit as a foreign national while he was in the country. This offense is punishable by a fine of up to 5,000 baht.

The police believe that some Thais may have helped the missing person. See source for more details.


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