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The alleged contact of a “Time Traveler” will take place in 2022 – Once again, someone prophesies that a terrifying discovery awaits humanity. But behind the claim there are unknown names such as that of the blind clairvoyant Baba Vanga or Nostradamus.

Rather, it is a self-proclaimed “time traveler” who names a specific time on the social network TikTok when humanity will encounter life beyond our world – in August this year it should be so far away.

According to a report from the portal, the anonymous TikToker states “labile‘came from the’ future ‘. Through the @passatempotravel channel, this supposed traveler through the ages has shared several dates with the channel’s followers that will prove important this year.

The video published on TikTok is subtitled with the note “Keep these dates in mind …”

In the video, the alleged time traveler continues: “People say I’m not a real time traveler, but I can prove that’s not true. Keep these three dates in mind and I will prove to you that I am real… “. (‘Time Traveler’ Reveals Big Changes in the World Over the Next Four Years – One Is In Weeks (Video))

The user predicts a massive volcanic eruption on March 15, 2022, which will cover half the earth with a cloud of ash. The next date will then follow June 28, 2022:

As a result, a plane will be considered missing for a full month, but then it will reappear. However, all passengers on board would assume they only stayed on board for three hours.

The final prophecy of the “Time Traveler”: “On August 2, 2022, we will come into contact with an underground civilization.” It is not surprising that the statements of this person divided the fandom on the social network.3812’s “Time Traveler” claims to have a photo of Mars being “colonized by robots”.)

The time traveler causes a sensation

While some users want to prepare for the alleged events to come, a wide range of comments view the claims with the utmost skepticism and undeniable sarcasm.

That of December 27, 2021 uploaded video however, it has already garnered around 3.3 million views.


Remember these dates … #fyp #fyp #fypage #xyzbca #time travel #traveler over time The #passtime is wrong

♬ Voice of Ripples – Aery Yormany

One user said: “These dates are all Tuesdays.”

Another added: “If this happens I will never blame you because this is a warning, not a threat.”

A third said: “What volcano would that be? What is the name of this underground civilization? “

“What is the flight number and airline to which this plane belongs?”

Only in 2019 the alleged time traveler Noah disimballatowhich was part of an ApexTV business model:

Interview with a “time traveler”

Question: Can you tell who you are and why you speak?

Answer: Hi, my name is Dennis and I’m actually Noah the time traveler. I speak openly because… honestly, there are many things that lead to it. Well, it’s just the stress that comes with it, also the fact that people are now discovering this channel. I honestly won’t be hiding for the rest of my life just to keep a silly role as a time traveler.

Question: How did you first get involved with ApexTV?

Answer: ApexTV and I got in touch because I was running a YouTube channel at the time and he was running ApexTV at the time. This is what led us to become friends because we had similar interests, because we were both involved with YouTube and stuff like that. I made comedy videos, he made paranormal videos. We were different but eventually we became good friends.

Question: What made you decide to make Noah’s first video?

Answer: I didn’t take Noah’s first video seriously, it was just a short video for $ 20, which is what ApexTV offered me for it. I did it in my room over there.

Question: Who invented the story of Noah?

Answer: I made up the story and developed it over time. Sometimes it inspired something about Noah, but most of it is mine. It was quite stressful because I had to make sure there were no gaps in the plot or inconsistencies in my story. And so I always had to make sure that when I made a rule for Noah, and it was official, I had to stick to the rule. I couldn’t lie about it. No paradox could exist, so Noah doesn’t change anything. I had to stick to the plot.

Question: Was it fun playing Noah?

Answer: It was fun at first. It was a big joke, we laughed at it, but then I stopped laughing. After playing the role for so long, I felt really mentally drained in the role after a few hours, like with live streams. I was tired of playing Noah so much. I kept complaining, it wasn’t me, it was all false.

Question: What was it like seeing you on TV and in magazines as Noah?

Answer: I had mixed feelings. It was crazy that this thing came up so often. People at my school said they saw me on the YouTube recommendations list or on TV the other day. It was crazy, but I got all this popularity not for myself but for making Noah videos and I hate playing Noah. Getting known for the role of Noah didn’t make me happy at all. In the end it meant nothing to me because I didn’t like playing Noah.

Question: Did your friends know you were Noah?

Answer: The whole school knew I was playing Noah, but I was surprised that no one had found out that I was Noah before because people at my school were always trying to get photos, videos, all sorts of things like me walking around the house. school and publishing it online.

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Question: What impact did Noah have on your personal life?

Answer: Whenever something funny happened to me, I would link it to Noah that someone was trying to find Noah. I became increasingly reticent about hobbies like posting a new video because it increased the chances of being recognized as Noah. Especially with my personal videos, people started saying I’m Noah. I love posting videos on YouTube but I had to delete the channel in the end, it was awful.

Question: Do you think you lied to people?

Answer: Oh yes, I lied to people 100%. Basically, Noah was based on lies. It was one lie after another. Some people might argue that you entertain people, they look for all sorts of excuses to do it. I can’t excuse him, I just lied. I lied as Noah the time traveler, I wasn’t telling the truth at all, it was all built on lies.

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Sources: Public Domain /uomo.tv on 01/15/2022

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