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The British Newspaper The Sun reports:

Bizarre footage was made of a self-proclaimed “time traveler” who claims to have been to Mars in 3812 – and even has a grainy photo to “prove” it “

The Red Planet will be colonized by China and populated by robots in hundreds of years, claims the 37-year-old, known only as Mary.

But while there appear to be soaring skyscrapers and spaceships worthy of a science fiction movie, much of the planet’s surface, according to far-fetched claims, remains deserted.Time traveler: I come from the year 2125 – events take on a life of their own)

And the anonymous woman even says she took a picture of her futuristic journey.

In a video, Mary explains: “So I showed up on Mars, it looked like a desert with a lot of buildings, I immediately took a picture.

You can see the spaceships we came with, you can see the buildings too.

Mars was very interesting and at the same time very frightening. “(“Time Traveler” Reveals Big Changes in the World Over the Next Four Years – One Is in Weeks (Video))

In the clip released in 2019 from the YouTube channel Apex TV was shared, we see her hold up a photo that appears to show “buildings” on Mars along with “spaceships”.

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Mary also said that she found it interesting that “only Chinese people lived on Mars”.

“They had a contract with the whole world,” she said.

“They are supposed to bring the most expensive metals from Mars, almost 70 percent.

So, besides them, the other people were guests and only visited Mars as tourists. “

Mary continued, “Metals were not like the metals on our planet. I thought people work in mines, but only robots work. Some of them have intelligence and some were only used for hard work. “

In the description of the video, Apex TV writes: “This woman claims to have traveled to the 38th century. We sat down for an interview in an unknown location when she told us her story. She claims to have brought a current image of the future from Mars. What do you think? Is this woman a real time traveler?

„[…] You may also have noticed that she said 3812 was in the 38th century. It claims that the Gregorian calendar will no longer be used in the future. ”(Spacetime portals made by physicists opened a door for interdimensional entities)

Needless to say, many internet users were skeptical of Mary’s story, with one comment: “I would like to go 22 minutes back in time to keep myself from watching this video.”

Someone else claimed the photo might be a concept photo from NASA and wrote, “Firstly, she never took this photo on Mars, she took this photo from the internet (it’s a NASA concept photo for colonizing Mars) and secondly the years of 3800-3899 is the 39th century, not the 38th century (that would be 3700-3799). “

A third said: “So you travel through time, see great things and have a camera and still only take one photo? I take loads of photos on a normal day trip to interesting places, like most people! I think the whole interview is a bit suspicious !! “

Mary’s interview – and her fantastic story – went viral after it was shared on popular YouTube channel Apex TV.

But her travel story isn’t the first travel story to be shared by science fiction fans.Alleged time traveler announces apocalypse! Another reports from the year 2027 (videos))

In 2017, a child genius who amazed professors with his extraterrestrial intelligence claimed that he came from Mars and had been “reborn” on Earth.

Boriska (Boris) Kipriyanovich from Volgograd, Russia insisted that he lived as a Martian on the red planet before starting his new life as a human.

Despite his incredible history, Boriskas had extraordinary wisdom coupled with his extensive knowledge of space that amazed scientists.20-year-old claims to be from Mars – and his knowledge amazes even experts (videos))

Boriska is said to have been 11 years old when he issued his warnings to Earth in a viral video in 2017.

He claimed his species was wiped out by nuclear conflict thousands of years ago and fears our planet is headed in the same direction.

The explanation for the boy’s extraordinary intelligence is provided by Boris himself in an interview as part of the “Camelot” project, which is dedicated to the detection of extraterrestrial life. He claims to have lived on Mars, which was torn by a nuclear war and were later reborn on earth.

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The child prodigy also claims that living beings can still be found on the red planet today who will stop aging at the age of 35 and are therefore immortal.

The inhabitants of Mars are not supposed to be dependent on oxygen like humans are, but instead need carbon dioxide to breathe – and in fact 95 percent of the planet’s atmosphere is made up of this chemical compound.

Boris also claims that residents of his original homeland visited Earth – just like himself – disguised as Mars pilots and equipped with special equipment that enables the aliens to survive on the blue planet.

The 20-year-old also states that his species had a good relationship with the ancient Egyptians and that he knows a great secret that is still kept today by the Sphinx in Giza.

Even experts cannot explain the detailed knowledge of things that cannot be easily researched via Google or in the library – at least that leaves room for the imagination that there could be at least a bit of truth in his claims.

Past lives on Mars, past and future catastrophes and extraterrestrials – the Russian Boriska has remembered his other lives since early childhood.

I first heard about the unusual boy by the name of Boris or Boriska through the stories of participants in an expedition to an anomalous zone in northern Volgograd province known as the Medveditskaya chain.

“Imagine, when everyone was sitting around the campfire in the evening, this little boy, about seven years old, suddenly and loudly demands quiet: He wanted to tell us something about the Martians and their journeys to Earth,” said one of the witnesses. who shared his impressions with us. “Someone chatted on in a low voice, but the boy strictly demanded our undivided attention, otherwise ‘there would be no story'”.

Then the other conversations fell silent. Because the child with the round face and big eyes, in a summery T-shirt and with a cool baseball cap, began – completely unimpressed by the adults – with an unbelievable story: about the Martian civilization, megalithic cities and spaceships from Mars , about flights to other planets and the land of Lemuria on earth. He knew life there from his own experience, since at some point he had flown from Mars to this huge continent in the middle of the ocean, where he had friends …

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Sources: PublicDomain /thesun.co.uk am 21.12.2021

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