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September 01, 2021

Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD’s) historic win against the FCC presents the first real opportunity to create change surrounding 5G technology and harmful wireless radiation. We must capitalize on this win and maximize its impact in order to protect our communities and our children from the massive rollout of 5G currently underway. Our elected officials must be informed of this decision.

Considering the ubiquity of wireless technology, this landmark court decision should have been the top story on every media outlet. However, since “mainstream” media is largely owned by Telecom, it has not. Thus, educating the public and our elected officials about this ruling and its effects depends on us.

Act Now. Please send our letter to your elected officials. Our advocacy portal makes it easy.  Simply enter your information and the letter will automatically be sent to your representatives to encourage them to take action to protect the public from 5G and wireless harms and from those in the FCC & FDA who have been misleading the public and knowingly harming us and our children for decades.

You can help put our landmark ruling to work! Finally, this regulatory agency can be held accountable and real, practical protections put in place, but only if every one of us acts now.
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