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Rod Dreher at The American Conservative details the disturbing trend of school teachers openly bragging on popular social media platforms about indoctrinating young children in their classes with transgender and “sexual rights” instruction. “Call it confidence, or call it arrogance, but there are some young schoolteachers who brag on TikTok about telling the little kids in their class all about transgenderism and gender theory,” Dreher writes.

It comes also as a number of media reports in the US and UK have correlated the amount of time children spend online consuming content on apps like TikTok and their willingness to “come out” as a different gender, at increasingly young ages. One recent Daily Mail article observes that “Campaigners have accused TikTok of helping children to be ‘brainwashed’ by hosting viral social-media videos that promote changing sex as ‘cool’.”

“Material posted by transgender influencers on the social networking service – in which they provide advice on transitioning and accessing hormone therapies – has been seen by millions of young viewers,” the report continues. 

The phenomenon is fueling a ‘social contagion’ of pressure to persuade young people that they were not ‘born in the right body’, the report continues:

“Some parents are concerned the involvement of TikTok, which became the UK’s most downloaded app last year, is fueling a ‘social contagion’ of pressure on impressionable youngsters and the rise in teenagers who are identifying as trans.”

And now in many instances public school teachers are very openly boasting on their private channels that they are going after the young in their classrooms and online. Or as Rod Dreher sarcastically describes, these are “proud groomer teachers”

And more…

In Douglas Murray’s landmark book The Madness of Crowds, he wrote about “the increasing number of concessions to any and all trans demands by figures in authority.”

Murray observed that already in 2019… “In online culture it is not at all unusual for the taking of hormones to be turned into an absurdly easy and consequence-free exercise. On YouTube, Instagram and other sites there are countless people who say that they are trans and who push the idea that you might be too.” 

He noted in the book: “In such videos testosterone injections become known as ‘T’ or ‘man juice’. Some of these people who are transitioning in real time become celebrities in their own right.”

And back to Rod Dreher’s commentary, he highlights the woefully underreported fact that

TikTok signed a partnership earlier this year with Stonewall, the controversial lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights charity, to promote this material.

Dreher then underscores, “TikTok is owned indirectly by the Chinese government, which this year began restricting LGBT social media material for its own people. Make of this what you will.”


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