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The 6th moon of physical equilibrium (13.12.2021 – 09.01.2022) challenges us to regain our physical balance. That means getting out of the chaos on the outside and coming back to a centered center. By Martin Strübin (www.blaubeerwald.de)

The 6th moon is under the yellow cosmic seed. This wants to bring our soul potentials to blossom. All the soul wisdom and experience that we have gathered in the course of our lives in the 3D world and everything that we have done with polarity serves us as tools to shape our lives now.

At the human wave (01.12. – 13.12.2021) it is about free will and experience and ultimately the mastery of polarity. With the intellect it is a matter of analytically and scientifically exploring the different poles and of experiencing and judging / judging the polar tension strongly.

So that we then slide into duality in order to rise from it again with our soul wisdom and our empirical knowledge to a third superordinate level, on which one can use the forces of polarity without judgment.

There will be a solar eclipse on December 4th, 2021 which brings out dark rooms in order to light them up and burn their old structures in the confrontation.

The subsequent wave of snakes (December 14th – December 26th, 2021) will vitalize us strongly and show very clearly how important the life force is. She wants to bring us back into the body in a positive way and show how nice it is to be in a vital and healthy body, where life force flows.

It is an invitation to re-energize our life energy and to become one again on a multidimensional level (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually).

On Christmas Eve (December 24th, 2021) we have the third Saturn (Aquarius) – Uranus (Taurus) – square. This illustrates the attempt of the elite to save the old into the new and, in contrast, the explosion of property and the previous, which brings new values ​​and appreciation.

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The mirror wave (December 27th, 2021 – January 8th, 2022) brings clarity to look behind the surface and to want to disappoint all of our delusions and to recognize the truth behind it.

The planetary goal under the blue hand challenges us that we must all do this ourselves in love.

The spiritual goal is to bring us even more into love, truth and togetherness. To allow us to become even more soul people, where not the ego but the soul path is in the foreground and is consciously walked and lived.

During the Mystic Pillar (12/30/2021 – 01/18/2022) there is a direct flooding from the source, which rushes through the whole world and provides for a purification and helps that the divine and the new age can be anchored even more here.

Extract from the article: C-Theater: Vaccination hunt for the healthy – our work for mother earth and her children (videos)

Fortunately, life is fundamentally solution-oriented and always finds opportunities to master upcoming challenges and also to find gaps in the matrix. There are now various instructions for neutralizing and eliminating these transhuman NanoGen warfare agents, which are used successfully by many therapists.

And together with the German quality manufacturer of our colloidal and monoatomic products, we also have an ANTI vaccination set (https://shop.blaubeerwald.de/de/shop/single/kolloidale-metalle/a-anti-impf-set), which uses the forces from the realm of precious metals to quickly relieve any physical or psycho-energetic stress neutralize what has already proven itself many times in practical use.

We assume that the world change will become even more dynamic in the next few weeks, also with regard to supply bottlenecks in every area. In terms of energy, we are back in the dark time between the originally Celtic festival of Samhain – which was converted by the Catholic Church into the pseudo-Christian All Saints’ Day and is celebrated more and more popular nowadays in the form of satanic Halloween – and the reawakening of the Christ light at Christmas .

This time phase is characterized by the opening of the veil to the otherworld and the descent into the occult spaces behind our material reality. A dark phase of the year, which is also very popular with the Satanists and Luciferians, and in which black magic rituals and sacrifices are increasingly carried out.

But also a time in which we can enter the unconscious spaces of our shadow and transform their contents, as well as come into contact with the hidden forces of the ancestors and the beings on the other side.

In addition, we will go through some intensive astrological constellations until Christmas, which will take place on November 4th. began with the new moon in Scorpio (in opposition to Uranus and square to Saturn), then with the lunar eclipse on November 19th. in Taurus directly at the fixed star Algol, the malicious culprit (in the square of Jupiter and a Mars Uranus opposition and its squares to Saturn), followed by the solar eclipse on December 4th. in Sagittarius (in the square of Neptune and a Mars square Jupiter) and finally flow into the third Saturn Uranus square this year on Christmas Eve.

The fact that these extreme individual and collective frictional forces are ultimately divinely orchestrated is shown, among other things, by the fact that the first huge X1 solar storm of the current 25th sunspot cycle (with a climax in July 2025!) Reached Earth perfectly synchronized with Samhain of all places.

Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity

For us, this tremendous influence of the sun is a clear indication that this incredible world change is ultimately guided and accompanied by universal being, and that the dark night of the soul represents a necessary valley route to the mountain of enlightenment or into an earthly reality filled with light and love .

For all healthy people it is especially important to persevere in this intense phase of battle, to continue to strengthen and to consolidate divine sovereignty. As human ‘Imago-cells’ we have to devote ourselves fully to the manifestation of the future reality that wants to be realized through us and avoid all battles with the ‘Witnesses Coronas’ and the Luciferic Matrix.

The current (fake) explosion of the C-numbers and the resulting C-measures against all living things is an expression of the massive time pressure under which the sinister pullers are, because they want the NWO sack by the beginning of spring (end of the current astrological year ) close. This also explains the completely exaggerated measures against all healthy people, the completely illogical arguments of the psychopaths, and above all the increasing number of slips of the tongue of the system people, to whom the truth slips more and more openly at press conferences and interviews.

So let us remain in deep trust that the C-Theater is something like a divine healing crisis from Mother Earth, which frees us and this wonderful planet – optimally synchronized with the cosmic evolutionary cycles – from all the satanic-Luciferic parasites and their destructive influences.

In doing so, we can continue to train our sovereign creatorhood by devotedly using this time of descent until the reawakening of the light to transform our shadow, accompanied and supported by our spiritual ones Friends, our spirit guides or Guardian Angels, or we connect with the Ascended Masters or Archangels or other cosmic avatars.

We don’t have to go through this world change alone, because we are so many people and beings on the side of light and in the name of love. So finally at Christmas we can experience the rebirth of the divine Christ consciousness in us and with our loved ones even more consciously and celebrate with radiant joy.

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Codex Humanus – The Book of Humanity

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Sources: PublicDomain / Martin Strübin on December 22nd, 2021

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