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“Sick people received Covid from exactly the hospital in which they wanted to get well.”

It is now known that 70 percent of London’s COVID hospital admissions have been diagnosed after the patient has been admitted with other illnesses.

The number matters because what is known as a “surge” in hospital admissions in London over COVID is being used as a justification for lobbying for further lockdowns for the UK public.

However, as Telegraph journalist Allison Pearson reveals, much of the panic is caused by the counting of cases as COVID even though the patients were admitted for other reasons.

“Amazing fact. 70% of so-called “COVID hospital admissions” in London are diagnosed with other illnesses a few days after admission, “she tweeted.

“These are NOT COVID patients. A positive test 8 days after admission means that the hospital has basically administered COVID to the patient. “

Pearson is the talk of the town on Twitter for annoying series bedwetters with her claim, “It’s time humanity prevails over scientists.”

However, your article, based on sources within the NHS, contains some interesting details.

“Let me give you an example of how our scientific overlords work,” writes Pearson. “On December 10th, Professor Neil Ferguson pointed out that the number of Covid hospital admissions is 700 per day. What he failed to take into account is that such a worrying number contrasts with around 600 Covid layoffs per day. According to my source, the current seven-day average for Covid hospital discharges is 623 per day, compared to average admissions of 780. While both metrics have actually increased, hospital bed occupancy has remained about the same. “

She goes on to point out that only 5 percent of hospital beds in England are occupied by COVID patients and that “the total hospital occupancy is currently 89 percent” which is a decent figure for the NHS this winter.

“According to my trusted source at NHS England, admissions with Covid have actually decreased over the past week if you look at the rolling seven-day average. The number of patients hospitalized for other illnesses who test positive for Covid – but are secretly counted as “Covid admissions” – is increasing slightly, but most of the increase is in those who are longer than eight Days in the hospital. So – hold on – these poor sick people got Covid from the very same hospital they went to to get well. Save the NHS, huh? “

Prime Minister Boris Johnson could impose more lockdown measures on the UK in the coming week, although studies confirm the Omicron variant is milder and causes significantly fewer hospital stays than Delta.

Pearson also reveals that she spoke to “a senior person in the food supply chain” who said that major supermarket bosses had already been told that additional restrictions would be imposed on December 28th, despite the ruling allegedly “in the process of being.” Suspension “is.


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