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The tightening of the measures lacks any medical basis and shows that politicians have taken a liking to tyranny. There is no other way to describe these actions and so the “agitators” Söder, Lauterbach Wieler etc. have crossed a red line and I can only call everyone to civil disobedience and a general strike!

They want the lockdown and we can give them this!

Get out of the system; refuses to work, engages with family and friends and refuses to consume!

If one follows their statements and the reports in the media, one hears little that is human, no information on topics how to improve one’s health and immune system. Instead, inhuman measures and prohibitions with the demand for strict controls and harsh penalties.

With all this, the keen observer wonders why politicians don’t do what really helps. One possible reason is the politicians’ medical ignorance. For example, if you listen to the Bavarian Prime Minister, you can clearly see that he has little idea about diseases, viruses and prevention.

His hunger for control, subjugation of the population and forcing his ambitions for power always flashes through. His statement “If you can crisis, you can become Chancellor” is pure mockery in view of the poor numbers in Bavaria.CIA Neurobiology Experts: Using RNA Vaccine To Control Human Brain (Video))

What should and what can really be done about Cororna?

In order to protect the most vulnerable people – these are mostly elderly and health-impaired people in nursing homes – one should make a tough lockdown on these facilities and let the other 80 million people live.

If the government were to spend the billions wasted on masks, unnecessary vaccinations and aid payments to closed companies on a health program, we would really improve. Every elderly and weak person should be provided with a nutrition and fitness advisor in order to continuously improve their state of health.Study in “the Lancet”: Majority of those infected and dead in D, UK, USA, Israel are fully vaccinated)

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A healthy diet, i.e. raw vegetables, little meat, vegetables and nuts should be on the menu and fast food, sweets and too many carbohydrates should be cut. This should be accompanied by a daily exercise program in the fresh air. Additional supply of vitamins would strengthen the immune system.

Of course, nobody can and should be forced to do so, but those who continue to indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle cannot expect millions to be locked up for their sake to protect them.

Millions of children are currently being traumatized and tens of thousands of livelihoods destroyed. The economic damage caused by these senseless measures already amounts to over 500 billion euros in Germany and tens of billions will be added over the next few years.With the onset of booster vaccinations, excess mortality increases significantly)

Rallies against the corona restrictions across the country

All over the country there are daily rallies against the Corona compulsory restrictions. All over the country, from north to south and from east to west. And not only, as the old party representatives and the mainstream media, which has been brushed on the line, spread it, in “unruly” Saxony.

Legacy party representatives and the mainstream media trimmed to line have been spreading reports for some time that there are only isolated rallies and demonstrations against the corona regulations in Saxony.

These messages are as false as they are transparent. One tries to curb the rebellion against the Corona compulsory restrictions spatially and to portray some of the residents of Saxony as “recalcitrant” and allegedly hostile to democracy.

Rather, it is true, but the representatives of the old party and their linguistic organs loyal to the line, that there are daily protest rallies across the country against the circumcision and destruction of freedoms and fundamental rights. From north to south, from east to west, people meet every day to demonstrate against the mandatory corona restrictions. (How they want to kill billions with the flu: Covid vaccines lead to failure of the “AIDS” immune system (video))

Attempts are made to censor and suppress your communications via social media channels, to keep them small. But time and again new ways of announcing these dates and locations are opening up.

On the website Appointment calendar there is an overview of which day in which city and at what time and at which exact meeting point the citizens want to gather for a protest.

As a rule, these rallies are registered by citizens far from any political activity. Protest marches have been registered from the Danish border in the far north to the Breisgau, from the Lower Rhine to the Polish border and into the Alpine region. Every day, even on Christmas Eve and the Christmas holidays.

Retail: 2G rule ruined Christmas sales

The retail sector can look back on the pre-Christmas season with a devastating balance sheet. Sales were lower than at Christmas time before the Corona crisis. More and more traders fear for their existence.

It’s already the second Christmas that has been horrific for many retail stores. Last year it was the Merkel lockdown, this year it is the 2G rules that broke the Christmas business. It was a catastrophe, especially for those businesses and companies that generate a large part of their sales at Christmas time.Elimination in modern vaccinations of spike proteins and graphene oxide (video))

As »n-tv« reported, fears that half of the stores will have to close soon if the restrictions continue. All such retailers, who are only allowed to allow vaccinated and genesis (2G) people into their business due to the 2G rules, expect a third less sales than in the same period of 2019. This was the result of a current trend survey by the German Retail Association (HDE) of around a thousand companies.

It only looks better in online retail, as well as in supermarkets and drug stores. Specialist shops, on the other hand, are at a disadvantage. The current media scare tactics for the new Coronavirus-Omikron variant leaves little hope of an improvement in the situation for the retail sector.


One can only hope for the judiciary to put all the incompetent and obviously corrupted politicians by the pharmaceutical lobby and the super-rich on trial and put in jail.

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Sources: PublicDomain /krisenvorsorge.com/freiewelt.net am 20.12.2021

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