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From Paul Craig Roberts: He is an American economist and publicist. He was assistant secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration and is known as a co-founder of the Reagan administration’s economic policy program.

American foreign policy, caught in the hubris of American exceptionalism, is incapable of recognizing a dangerous situation.

And a dangerous situation is what we have.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has made it clear on behalf of the Kremlin that Russia will not tolerate any further rapprochement between NATO and the Russian borders.

Russia has ruled out any possibility of the former Russian provinces of Ukraine and Georgia becoming NATO members. If this red line is ignored, said Ryabkov, “it will have dire consequences”. Russia will react militarily and the West will find that it has undermined its own security, not Russia’s.

In other words, from the Kremlin’s point of view, the admission of Ukraine and / or Georgia to NATO poses an unacceptable threat to Russia’s national security. Period. It is not negotiable.

In a rational world, such an unequivocal statement by a leading military power using hypersonic nuclear missiles would be taken seriously.

But the western world is no longer rational. It is a world that is intoxicated with arrogance. The NATO secretary responded to a nuclear power’s ultimatum by flatly dismissing that power’s security concerns:

“Whether Ukraine joins NATO depends on the member states and the bloc leadership, and Moscow has no control over that decision.” The idiotic NATO secretary then stupidly boasted that NATO was so unimpressed by Russian objections that it is “already training and advising Ukrainian troops, conducting joint exercises and providing military equipment and technology”.

For example, NATO, so intoxicated by American military power, spat in the eye of the Kremlin

The White House spokesman, who answered for President Biden and the National Security Council, said Washington will “not compromise” on NATO enlargement, adding that Washington will not accept the idea of ​​halting NATO enlargement regardless what Russia is demanding.

In other words – and it is important to understand this – Washington’s position is that Russia has NO legitimate national security interests unless they are defined by Washington.

We have a very dangerous situation here. One power says you step on my feet and we will not tolerate that; the other power says you have nothing to say on this matter.

During the Cold War of the 20th century, we Cold Warriors heard every word, every tone of voice used by the Soviets. Risking a nuclear war because some idiot had wax in his ears or felt macho that day was out of the question. At that time, US universities had departments for Russian studies that were not dependent on funding from the military security complex. There was a public debate. There was always an independent expert, like Stephen Cohen, who reminded everyone of how the Russians saw the situation.

Today independent science has disappeared. The programs for Russian studies at universities are Russophobic, according to their funding. Since there are no objective scientists, there are also no knowledgeable people in the US intelligence services. This is shown by the latest testimony from Biden’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, who reported that US intelligence agencies believe that Putin is “seriously considering” an invasion of Ukraine.

Washington has been saying this since 2014, when it toppled the pro-Russia Ukrainian government in hopes of capturing the Russian naval base in Crimea. It’s a firm message. There is no thought. Just repetition of propaganda. So we have a National Security Council that is incapable of anything other than repeating propaganda slogans.

In reality, Washington is already at war with Russia.

Meanwhile, Washington and its neo-Nazi Ukraine puppet decided last Thursday evening, December 16, to confirm Russian suspicions that Washington and Ukraine are revanchist Nazis. Only two countries voted against the UN resolution condemning Nazism. Yes, it was the United States and Ukraine. The utter stupidity of the American vote is extraordinary. The last thing the Kremlin wanted to hear is Washington’s support for Nazism.

My generation was the last generation in the west to be educated, not indoctrinated, and even we were fed lies about WWI and WWII.

Subsequent generations largely unknown that large armies were organized in German-occupied western Ukraine and that they were included in the German army’s invasion of Russia. It was remnants of these “banderas” (Stepan Bandera) that Washington used to overthrow the Ukrainian government and establish an American puppet state on formerly Russian territory, while the Kremlin, ignoring its backyard, enjoyed the Olympic Games in Sochi.

The mistakes people make have more to do with world history than with good decisions.

I watch Washington, which I know so well from a quarter of a century of high-level participation, make the mistake of my life. The Washington regime is so arrogant that it cannot understand that Russia has run out of patience.

The Russians see a real problem. Washington sees only one way of propaganda. This is a situation that directly leads Washington to miscalculate. The misjudgment will be fatal.

Update on America’s foreign policy dilemma

Russophobia is running amok in America.

The Ministry of Propaganda repeats daily that Russia is on the verge of invading Ukraine.

The American people, long trained to view Russia as an enemy, have heard this claim so many times that it has become a fact.

The arrogant Biden regime has rejected Russia’s security concerns, and the Republicans are no better. Blind hostility towards Russia is mounting as Republican senators join the propaganda that Putin wants to invade Ukraine and “rob the Ukrainian people of their sovereignty” (Washington already did so when it overthrew the elected Ukrainian government and one in Kiev in 2014 Puppet state established).

The Republicans want to provide another 450 million dollars in arms for “the brave Ukrainian armed forces”. And to top it off, the Republicans want Russia to be classified as a terrorist state.

The Ukraine crisis is in part an arms marketing program as the Republicans who support the bill are closely tied to the military / security complex. But all of them overlook the impact on the Kremlin, whose confidence in Washington has hit zero.

Perhaps, in preparation for what the Kremlin believes will be a showdown on Washington’s indifference to Russia’s security problems, the Kremlin has deployed two strategic nuclear missile forces. In addition, Russia has closed the northern sea route and set up radio engineering regiments and electronic domes to interfere with US radar on the horizon. If the U.S. Navy’s provocations in the Black Sea continue, Russia could also shut down the Black Sea.

In the meantime, the neo-Nazi Ukrainian battalions armored by Washington are worsening the situation with the Russians in Donbass.

Washington is preparing for an embarrassing back out or a major confrontation that Washington holds few cards in hand.


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