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but when the lid falls off that bubbling pot … there will be a lot of disbelief and unimaginable turmoil due to the level of shock from those who have no idea whatsoever of what is behind all that is happening on the surface. ”That is it is what Nick Fleming called the “Great Shift” in his message this week. But his “Great Shift” refers to the financial change of the planet, which in a sense “on the ground” is a result or a consequence of the shift towards a greater human consciousness. We will move towards the great laws of NESARA / GESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act), the other is just global, all countries.

According to my sources, everything will be revealed and done by the end of March 2022. Here is a list of tools on earth used for earth freedom: Starlink, QFS, Global Currency Reset, Debt Relief, Common and Universal Laws. Some will come into effect soon, others later. I will quote Michelle Fielding on 9/12/2021 who said the final military marker is the announcement of Queen Elizabeth’s death.

She was executed some time ago for crimes against humanity, but the public announcement is important so that the Earth Alliance can communicate to the public that military operations are complete. We have completed other markings, but not yet some smaller ones. But it is clear that militarily we are in the final stages and ready to begin disclosing to the masses.

The EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) is still planned for the unveiling. Here’s what Queen Romana says: “I“ know ”that the EBS is needed. These things need to be made public: the corruption, crime, false economy, the deliberate manipulation, deception and programming (dumbing down) of the peoples and the evil (satanic) deeds of the past / past leaders need to be exposed (the exchange of little boys , little girls and grown men and women against earthly control, power and wealth), etc.

All of this violates the supreme directive “Do not intentionally harm mankind”. Some others say that it is not the EBS but the Trump TV channel and social media that will be activated for reveal in February 2022. Zorra also said that it will be published through the EBS.

As for the 10 days of darkness, my sources say it has already happened. Such were the Cabal arrests and bad days that were carried out in November. The formal disclosure seems like ten days of darkness for the sneaky MSM and social media as we get the truth told on TV, what a great thing. They are temporarily turned off so that the truth may come to light. I myself would rather call it the “Ten Days of Light or Truth”.

Zorra has clearly stated that the countdown has started but there is no indication of the starting point. My sources say there will be NO major stock crash or economic collapse, we have seen a major downturn since Covid and humanity does not have to suffer any more. We know that some stocks are CIA fronts and others are pure cabal companies.

Allianz has already taken care of this and will not let people’s savings suffer! That would be the same as blowing up a lot of things around the world, that’s what the cabal has been doing all along, wars and things like 9/11, we don’t need that anymore. The “blowing up” is great information of the truth for some individuals, some will NOT believe it or go to their safe havens for relief. The Great Shift, as you have read, all signs, from all sources, has already begun !!! Celebrate !!


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