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It was not particularly surprising, but at least it was clear: the Ringier publishing house is whipping its editorial troops into nationality. That should be a clear sign for February 13, 2022: Do we want to support the PR machinery of the federal government with tax money?

Signs and wonders are still happening: At the turn of the year, the “Nebelspalter”, “Die Ostschweiz” and a number of smaller media drew attention to the fact that what was clear to many, but never clearly documented, can now be proven: Ringier, one of the leading Publishers in Switzerland and around the world represented with press products, it is no coincidence that they support the state in the corona situation, but officially by decision of the executive floor.There were instructions to the editors not to criticize the decisions of the Federal Council, but to represent them. This is shown in an internal video in which Ringier CEO Marc Walder openly expresses this line. Associated with the request not to reveal his statement.

Incidentally, that was not particularly clever: Anyone who explicitly asks in a small group not to say something, is literally calling for them to do just that.

Amazing: for once


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