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The Canton of Lucerne held a press conference. The situation in hospitals is getting worse. Omikron, triage, staff failures. Terrible and unpredictable. OR?

Medical information must be accurate, reliable, responsible and medically valid. And you come from a called mouth. Just like the statements of Prof. Christoph Henzen. He is the “LUKS Pandemic Chief of Staff” and head physician of the Cantonal Hospital of Lucerne.

He says: “There is a lot of activity again regarding Covid”. Oops, we slipped in time, that’s what he said on August 20th; in the middle of the summer break. Now there is talk of postponed operations, triage and other bad things.

Henzen also closely observes the audience at the press conference and says: “A patient in Covid intensive care needs the same amount of resources as eight to ten cardiac patients,” according to srf news.

It is an interesting proposition. Henzen is definitely a cardiologist, even better an epidemiologist or virologist. Unfortunately not, his specialty is endocrinology, which deals with hormonal diseases and diabetology, which deals with diabetes.

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