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In an incredible video circulating on social media, a pharmacist is shocked when he opens a Moderna Covid-19 vaccine pack and finds it is completely empty.

In the viral video, recorded at a CVS pharmacy, a pharmacist gives a customer a vaccine package insert, which he believes contains complete test and safety data.

After the customer has informed the pharmacist that the folded paper he has just given her is completely empty, he explains to her that the information is in it and unfolds it for her.

When he opens the document, however, the pharmacist realizes that he has unfolded a large blank sheet of paper.

Embarrassed, the pharmacist jumps to a computer and claims he can find the information online.

Incredibly, the pharmacist realizes that he lied to his customers when he is approached by the customer about the lack of consent and admits the fraud.

“So if we don’t know what we’re injecting, I don’t understand how that should be informed consent,” says the customer.

“You are absolutely right. I shouldn’t be giving these vaccines at all, ”agrees the pharmacist.

“Then why are you giving it?” Asks the customer.

“Because I… because I was told and so… because I was told and… I was told…” stammered the pharmacist and added: “And everything that I showed, including the patients I was shown to she gave is certain. “

The footage ends with the pharmacist apologizing and admitting that he has no scientific studies to rely on and that he feels “totally inadequate as a pharmacist”.

In May, a similar incident was documented in another viral video showing a pharmacist unpacking a Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine – only to find the leaflet completely blank.


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