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I suspect that Americans, by and large, value Christmas more than the latest Covid-19 government sponsored terror campaign, and that the globalist tyrants – or whatever you want to call them – behind “Joe Biden” are now a mind-fuck too far went. Omicron is all you have left, and not much to work with. Easy to spread, mild presentation, naturally immunizing. What is not to like about this variant of SARS-CoV-2? It looks like a twist on the Covid-19 mass psychosis nightmare.

Of course, the last thing the authorities want is an end to the pandemic panic. Emergency Self-Government President Anthony Fauci was on all the cable news Sunday night warning of a winter of death. “We have a tough few months ahead of us,” he warned. “Reinforce yourself!” Said one CNN blonde of the nation: “The booster case has never been stronger than it is today.”

Is it really like that? Omikron was reportedly discovered in South Africa a few weeks ago and the number of Covid deaths there is at an 18-month low. The existing “vaccines” seem completely ineffective against Omikron, so how can any more of this stuff help? Then why all the hysteria about vaccinating the vaccine-resistant? Since the vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer carry a not inconsiderable risk of harmful to fatal side effects and are also ineffective, what is the most sensible bet? Speaking of which, will the public even be able to tell whether the alleged spike in winter deaths is a result of Covid or adverse reactions to the vaccines? I would bet on vaccination adverse events.

Why is there absolutely no talk of comprehensive early treatment of Covid – except in the state of Florida, which is ruled by Governor Ron DeSantis? Why isn’t the CDC setting up early-stage treatment centers all over the U.S. where people with symptoms can receive infusions of monoclonal antibodies and kits of well-known, cheap, safe, and effective oral medications that can easily be used at home for the virus to defeat? (These drugs have been secretly banned by our own CDC, as you know). Is it absurd to assume that the official goal of the Joe Biden administration “is to kill as many people as possible in order to keep the public in fear? In the meantime, they have provoked the public to line up for Covid tests using a PCR system that is so discredited for Covid detection that the CDC planned months ago to shut it down on December 31 ( And why the long lapse of time between the decision and the action? Answer: It allows the CDC to falsely increase the number of cases until the bitter end of the year.)

With the apparent failure of the Build Back Better endeavor following a long list of other failures, the Joe Biden regime’s main chance to stay in power is to sustain the Covid panic long enough to prevent the Repeat 2020 postal voting fraud in the 2022 congressional elections. That is a weak game, however, because the opposition is fully involved. And if the Democratic Party loses as many seats in Congress and Senate as it deserves to lose, not a single one of its poisonous laws will see the light of day until the mastodons return in the next Ice Age. Also keep in mind that the Democrats’ party workers are summoned en masse in limousines before opposition-controlled committees, and many of them can be prosecuted.

Be that as it may, the choice is still a long way off as events roll over quickly and rapidly. Most importantly, the regime’s favorite narratives are falling apart along with its polling figures and the collapsing economy. “Joe Biden” will advertise the closing of the Christmas market on Tuesday evening. I’m sure this will (not) go down well, on top of the renewed threat of vaccination mandates that will make millions of working people worried and upset about the loss of their livelihoods – while doing their desperate Christmas shopping at the last minute and at the same time Make plans for family reunions that may be canceled (including airline tickets). Come on, Brandon!

One useful idea that has been circulating on the Internet lately is a nationwide general strike on January 4th, the first day after the holidays when work is resumed. It’s simple: don’t show up for work and don’t spend a penny. The message will be clear: stop it! No more coercion, no more lies, no more nonsense and no more idiocy. If this event takes place, many people will have the freedom for a day – maybe even for a few days – to take the streets and demonstrate their principled opposition to unlawful political leadership. “Joe Biden” and Co. will jump up and call it another “riot”. Guess what: nobody will believe you.


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