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Mathematician and statistician Pavlos Kolias from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece checked the EU data on the corona for anomalies. He did this on the basis of Benford’s Laws, which reveal anomalies in the distribution of the numbers.

Kolias notes that the number of “infections” and deaths Generously manipulated across the EU. Sam Brokken, Lecturer in Health Sciences, speaks sor from a “statistical bomb”.

Belgium, the Netherlands and France do poorly for highly significant probabilities for “infections” and a very high probability for deviations in the deaths recorded.

In particular, manipulation in countries with high vaccination coverage

“In short, further evidence that the numbers we get every day are not very accurate,” concludes chunks.

Countries with high immunization coverage are more “tampered with” than countries with low immunization coverage, he adds. “So it becomes clear that the numbers are driven by the sale of policies”.

“Time to wake up!” He emphasizes.

Brokken was dismissed from the PXL Hogeschool in Hasselt at the beginning of the year because, as a scientist, he questioned the corona approach. “On the phone, I was informed in a very dry manner that I can resign from my work with immediate effect,” he said.

Not only was he fired, but he was also censored by social media companies like LinkedIn. “It is impossible for me to share an analysis with you. Even a simple link to my website will be blocked, ”he sighed.


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