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From Ron Paul. He is an American doctor and politician. He is a member of the Libertarian Party and served as a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from 1976 to 2013 (intermittently). Paul was a candidate for the Libertarian Party in the 1988 US presidential election and ran internally for the Republican candidacy in the 2008 and 2012 US presidential election.

Just as President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccination regulations were overturned by the courts, authoritarian politicians, health bureaucrats and the mainstream media announced a new variant of Covid to justify another round of bans and restrictions. The things that didn’t work last time should be applied again this time, they claim.

For these authoritarian forces, the timing of Omikron’s appearance was perfect.

The variant was first spotted in South Africa, and the media in the US and Europe spread endless fear-mongering. Authoritarian politicians used the fear generated to justify another attack on freedom. Europe shut down and became a virtual prison camp. In Austria, Germany and elsewhere, citizens without a vaccination certificate became non-persons.

South African health officials reported that, while more contagious, the variant appeared to be far milder than previous variants, as is common with such viruses. But the lockdowners didn’t want to hear about it. From Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom to DeBlasio in New York City, the variant was the perfect camouflage for them to put the boots back on the necks of terrorized citizens.

As expected, Fauci was happy about the appearance of the new variant and warned of “record deaths” for the unvaccinated. Similarly, President Biden warned that this was a “winter of death” for the unvaccinated.

But there’s one thing the media doesn’t cover about the omicron outbreaks: they happen among the fully vaccinated. Cornell University, where 97 percent of campus is fully vaccinated and requires masking, has announced that it will return to teaching-only online following a massive Covid outbreak. The National Football League has also postponed several games this weekend due to Covid outbreaks, although the league is practically 100 percent vaccinated. And the National Basketball Association, which is over 95 percent vaccinated, has just announced that it will also postpone games due to an increase in Covid cases.

The vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission of the virus: the cases are rampant in the countries with the highest vaccination rates. However, the “experts” continue to claim that the only way to stop the spread of omicrons is through vaccines! More and more people are realizing that this doesn’t make any sense. If vaccines don’t stop the spread, how can they stop the spread?

Meanwhile, South Africa, which has one of the lowest vaccination rates, has just announced that it has had a tiny fraction of hospital admissions with Omicron compared to previous variants. The South African Covid authority has recommended an end to containment measures, the tracing of contact persons and the quarantine in a letter to the Minister of Health.

The unvaccinated South Africa lifts the Covid restrictions, while the vaccinated north maintains the quarantine. Something doesn’t go together.

Fauci loves to say that to question him is to question science, but that has nothing to do with science. It’s about power. Fauci, the political authorities, and the corrupt big pharma billionaires are looking for one last stand and are desperately trying to get Omikron to justify further tyranny and profits. But the actual science doesn’t cooperate.

Omicron is spreading, and the vaccines can’t stop it. So far, almost half of Omicron infections have been symptom-free. Some experts predict that Omikron will mark the end of Covid-19. But we know that Covid-19 will never end as long as there are people like Fauci. Unless we chase away the charlatans and profiteers and claim our freedom back!


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