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Dear readers,

Due to the great success of our three books, we are offering you these three books hand-signed at a one-time special price with a 50 percent discount, including shipping within Germany (offer valid until January 7, 2022).

The Hollywood Code: Cult, Satanism, and Symbolism: How Movies and Stars Manipulate Humanity (3rd Edition)

Instead of euros 24,99

Euro 12,-

Review from a reader:

Yes, that’s how it is! A TRUE documentary about what’s going on in HOLLYWOOD. Recommended to everyone who not only wants to live in this DREAM WORLD, as in MATRIX, but simply takes the RED pill to know where we are here and why all of this. Only a small part of the satanic film industry is exposed here. It’s worth it to get an insight, but the whole thing goes MUCH DEEPER … If you search there you will find, if you don’t look, you will never find something, because the TRUTH will come to light one DAY because LIES have short LEGS !! Here you can find out the FILMS !! THEY TELL US THROUGH FILMS What’s going on here !!! Worth reading all times.

The music code: frequencies, agendas and secret services: Between consciousness and sex, drugs & mind control (2nd edition)

Instead of euros 21,99

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Euro 11,-

Review from a reader:

The work creates an easily understandable written panopticon, starting with the influence of music on our consciousness, such as the “Om” or how frequencies influence our health the Rockefeller Foundation and the Illuminati play a central role.

The author also sheds light on how Mozart and Beethoven were creatively active in the orbit of the Freemasons and Illuminati, or how Richard Wagner was captured by the National Socialists and is still used today by Merkel & Co. in the form of concerts in Bayreuth as a political platform. The book also reveals that the Beatles were a secret service project, the ’68 / hippie movement was a CIA-controlled operation that laid the foundation for today’s pop stars who manipulate the masses as part of MKULTRA, to the point that modern music sounds monotonous and aggressive. The last chapter reveals how the pop stars are promoting the Corona New World Order in the interests of the elites.

The content is well documented with numerous sources in the form of books, newspaper articles, web links and contemporary witnesses. This book is unique on the German book market because it finally brings all sides of music, including the power of industry and the influence on the consumer, to light, so that the reader and music lover can consciously decide what to listen to. Bravo!

DUMBs: Secret bunkers, underground cities and experiments: What the elites are hiding

Instead of euros 21,99

Euro 11,-

Review from a reader:

This is a very informative book, in which the many underground (known or kept secret) locations are described and explained.
Area 51 is one of them. Finally in 2013 the US admitted that there was a cordoned off area there. That was always strictly denied beforehand.
It’s not just about the locations in the US, it’s also about Germany or Australia.
The DIA, the Denver International Airport in a crazy construct, under which there is supposed to be a huge facility.

In general, the underground network is huge. There are also caves, some of which are up to 2000 meters deep and even have cloud formation, that’s how big they are. It’s not just about man-made underground facilities, it’s also about natural caves and grottoes of unimaginable size.

Stuttgart 21 or the new Berlin airport also raise many questions. You build yourself dead, the costs explode and it is speculated that there is more underneath than is visible above. Ramstein is such a place too.

The book is full of information, I read it in one go.

Instead of: Euro 68,97

Total price: Euro 34.00.

Final price including shipping and packaging within Germany: Euro 40.00. (instead of Euro 75, -.)

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Sources: PublicDomain on December 29th, 2021

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