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childrenshealthdefense.org: As Israel moves forward with the fourth COVID injection, scientists told the New York Times that the extra booster shot may do more harm than good.

The scientists warned that too many vaccinations could affect the body’s ability to fight COVID and cause some kind of immune system fatigue.

On Monday, Israeli authorities began offering all over 60s the opportunity to get a fourth vaccination or a second booster of the COVID vaccine.

Before Israel confirmed it was offering the fourth vaccination, scientists told The Times that science had not yet decided whether to use an additional booster dose to combat the new variant of Omicron.

There is an official report of an Israeli who died of Omikron. According to the Times of Israel however, it is unclear whether Omikron caused the death of the person – a man in his 60s who had been hospitalized weeks earlier with a pre-existing illness.

A new report from the UK Health Authority shows that booster vaccinations against Omikron are less effective than previous variants and that they become less effective after just 10 weeks.

Professor Hagai Levine, epidemiologist and chairman of the Israeli Association of Public Health Physicians, told the New York Times that there was no published scientific evidence that a fourth vaccination was necessary to prevent serious illness from Omicron.

“Before you give a fourth vaccination, you’d better wait for science,” said Levine.

Benny Muchawsky, an Israel-based architect, told the Times that the push to give booster vaccinations for the Omicron variant was “like hysteria.”

“Israel is the laboratory for the coronavirus vaccine,” said Muchawsky.

Dr. Robert Malone repeated this in an interview with Joe Rogan:

“Nowadays the country is actually called ‘Pfizreal’. It is no longer Israel. Your government has a financial deal with Pfizer and they only have Pfizer’s vaccine. “

Malone told Rogan that the scientific data suggests booster vaccinations do more harm than good.

Citing data from Denmark, he told Rogan that there appears to be a “negative efficacy correlated with increased doses”, meaning the more doses or booster vaccinations a person receives, the higher the likelihood that they will be infected.


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