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Fifth column issued a new statement of particular importance. This time, denouncing the presence of microtechnology in a Pfizer vial.

The observation of the objects detected in this vial to date has been carried out under the optical microscope during the most recent programs of the Spanish team.

The biostatistician Ricardo Delgado Martin he asked people around the world to contact him to testify before a legal body about the contents of the vaccine.

Orwell City brings the words of the founder of La Quinta Columna into English.

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Ricardo Delgado: Hello. Very good evening to all. First of all I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year. However, I would like to share some chilling images with you.

Remember all this time, all this week, we’ve also been doing a live stream with what’s inside the Pfizer vaccine, and we’ve been saying there’s graphene and some, let’s say, man-made structures. But now I want you to see what we have on the screen. Just what you see under the microscope, and that, logically, gave me the chills.

We have to denounce it en masse. Everyone must immediately go out on the streets and expose what the entire world population had been inoculated. All your neighbors, all your relatives have been impressed with what you will see now. Circuits. Microtechnology inside the body . I will share with you, on the screen, what is on the glove box.

This is one of the droplets that were discarded last week. When the hydrogel dried, it formed these images which we will share. As I said, now. Let’s see if it’s possible. Good. I think you are seeing what I see on the screen, right? We zoom in so you can see it. One moment please. That’s all. Look at the item we found in the Pfizer vaccine.

As you can see… I will move it. Downward. Now to the top.

There are four strange angles. Four perfectly square shapes and internal circuits. These are electronic components. This is what formed at the base. Here are what appear to be ceramic capacitors or some other type of electronic component or circuit. As I said, this is part of the Pfizer vaccine content. Here is another perfectly artificial angle. Let’s adjust the image a bit. Here and here too. This is microtechnology. This is probably a micro-router …

… This is the contents of the Pfizer vaccine. This is visible after four or five days of waiting for the water in the sample to evaporate. We can’t give these people an extra second to give another injection, especially our children. Here’s what’s inside the vial. And that is what must be reported. Please share this video with all parts of the world. Share this video on all your social networks and go with these images directly to the court on duty to file a complaint. Because I, Mr. Ricardo Delgado Martín, DNI: 79.202.099N (with “N” for Navarre), will go to testify. And I’ll take the sample with me …

I appeal to all the judges and magistrates of our country. Either do something about it right away, or we go straight to court and turn them all upside down. And we go as we have to go because this can no longer be tolerated. Either you take the report of Dr. Campra who has demonstrated all this and more, or you adopt another type of measure because this cannot be allowed in any way. Call me to testify. Just call me. I repeat. I, Ricardo Delgado Martín, DNI: 79.202.099N (with “N” for Navarre), offer myself before any prosecutor, magistrate, judge in our country – and anywhere else in the world – to show what’s inside the vaccines. To test what’s inside the vials …

Researcher Mik Andersen ( Corona2Inspect ) is researching all the micro and nanotechnologies found in the vials. The following is one of the most recent posts which he shared with his readers .


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How nanotechnology helps mRNA Covid-19 vaccines work https://www.statnews.com/2020/12/01/how-nanotechnology-helps-mrna-covid19-vaccines-work/

Pfizer, the main object of article by Michel Chossudovsky , was founded in 1849 in the United States. Has a criminal record of fraud, corruption, forgery and proven harm. A 2010 Canadian study found that: Pfizer was a “habitual offender,” constantly engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing doctors and suppressing negative test results“. This is serious. Note that Pfizer has yet to release the details of its Covid vaccine studies for public scrutiny.


Cause of death after COVID-19 vaccination & Undeclared components of the COVID-19 vaccines https://odysee.com/@en:a5/PK_Tot-durch-Impfung_english:a

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