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A disgraced former FBI agent, sacked by the troubled agency after his arrest on suspicion of beating his wife, was sentenced to 2 days in prison he had already served in the case, with a judge giving him banned from working in law enforcement in the state of Michigan last week.

Richard Trask is best known for orchestrating an operation that ensnared the so-called Wolverine Watchmen militia. Trask had involved a series of overzealous conservatives in an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, with many of the alleged conspirators facing serious criminal charges for their alleged kidnapping plans. Defendants argue that the kidnapping plot was never more than enthusiastic and intoxicated conversations in a basement.

Trask’s criminal case has questioned Operation Watchmen, with the fired FBI agent pleading guilty to banging his wife’s head on the nightstand and suffocating her.

The two-day prison sentence that Trask had already served represents what legal observers call a slap, with the deep state agent evading serious repercussions or jail time. it is also possible the democratic partisan could get a law enforcement job in another state.

Trask played the role of the victim in the remarks before his conviction, complaining about his lost career in the FBI and claiming he doesn’t remember anything about the violent beating incident.

Due to the situation, I lost the only career I have ever known. My retirement is gone. I have lost some friends. My reputation has been destroyed. My children have been faced with questions. My wife was harassed. My family has had to suffer further because I can no longer provide for them,Trask said. Trask previously told supporters of President Donald Trump to “burn in hell” in a hateful Facebook post.

Trask assaulted his wife after returning from a swingers party, and went on a rampage when his wife told him she didn’t like horns night.

The criminal case against the so-called Wolverine Watchmen continues in light of Trask’s own criminal conviction, with the defendants in the militia case pointing to Trask’s violent tendencies and fanatical fanaticism as grounds for dismissing the charges against them.

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