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The disappearance of the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli it was greeted with the predictable chorus of condolences in remembering how beautiful and good it was. Even by opponents such as Giorgia Meloni which shows itself chivalrous with those who had told her that he was talking nonsense.

But the social media, on the other hand, are indulging in various hypotheses regarding Sassoli’s death. Many blame the booster: indeed, on social networks it is assumed that this is the case. Obviously the “university of Facebook” is not considered reliable, but it is certain the light of a hint of something unclear, of opaque in the whole affair that has ignited the suspicions of many Facebook and Twitter users. Obviously there is that replies to this “looting”, but the suspicion remains precisely because of the Soviet style (ironic if you think of Sassoli’s hysterical russophobia) with which Sassoli’s disease was followed.

Soviet style, like when the death of the third last secretary of the CPSU was announced Yuri Andropov, officially dead “For a cold”. What do we know about Sassoli’s departure? On 9 November the same president of the European Parliament said he was hospitalized in Strasbourg for one “Legionella pneumonia”. Last night Sassoli was hospitalized for “Complication of the immune system”, and this is what has sparked the suspicions of many about the now infamous “No correlation”. The answers of those who gave jackals to those who ask for clarity were not convincing.

Where was Sassoli hospitalized? At the Aviano Cancer Center: beyond the speculations on the booster, one wonders: Legionella pneumonia or cancer? Secondly, because Sassoli was a Florentine hospitalized in a military facility near an important American base in Friuli? We are in full “Andropov’s cold” style: only the “Swan Lake” on television is missing, a ploy with which in the Soviet Union he took his time in dramatic situations, as well as the death of the party secretary. All opaque, confused, unclear: speculations and “conspiracies” become automatic.

Beyond Sassoli, this is another indication of the opaque, gray, bureaucratic nature of the EU, in fact a sort of a western reissue of the USSR as already he had noticed the Soviet dissident who survived the Gulags Vladimir Bukovsky. The death of what was, with respect speaking, a perfect apparatchik of the European Soviet Union.

“Virgin of servant praise and cowardly outrage”. Unfortunately, I’m not Manzoni and Sassoli certainly wasn’t Napoleon, but as Napoleon wanted make war on Russia and we well know that the sanctions on Russia have cost the Italian economy very dearly. We cannot judge this as a far-sighted policy, net of the occasional funeral eulogies. Of course, all the “Sovietism” surrounding Sassoli’s disappearance becomes lugubriously ironic if one thinks that, due to his hysterical russophobia, the president of the European Parliament was considered “Persona non grata” in Moscow. A Buddhist would say it is karma. We limit ourselves to observing that today Russia looks like Reagan’s America and the European Union looks like Brezhnev’s USSR.



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