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Von Peter Haisenko

Who can be considered “vaccinated” and for how long? There are sometimes absurd definitions, also with regard to vaccine damage. It was discussed after what period of time a “fully vaccinated” person could lose his status. This debate is on hold. For compelling reason, as we think.

The virologist Alexander Kekulé made an interesting contribution to the compulsory vaccination. Basically, he stated that a vaccine is no good if it has to be injected cyclically. For this simple truth he has been “released” from his teaching position. Once again the truth is that if you are telling the truth, you need “a fast horse”. With this technically sound announcement of any mandatory vaccination with the available resources, Kekulé clearly rejected. Nevertheless, the vaccine fanatics continue to insist on injecting the “vaccine” that has been identified as unsuitable into people’s bodies with refreshments. One of the levels of coercion for this process is the threat of losing the vaccination status if one refuses the next sting. So why has the discussion about it dried up?

Sometimes it was said that the vaccination status would be without re-vaccination


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