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There is a special place in hell for Fauci and the Western elites who pushed their abusive and unscientific COVID rules on children.

British children have a 99.995% chance of surviving COVID. Children have a better chance of drowning. Despite this, Western governments have blocked children from school, forced them to wear masks, forced them to distance themselves socially, forced them to be vaccinated and then booster vaccinated because the shots didn’t work. This was government-imposed child abuse.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday announced that major COVID-19 restrictions in the UK will be lifted as early as next week, including mask use, COVID-19 passports and forced self-isolation.

Student: “My life was falling apart and no one cared … The damage has been done to us forever and we will never recover it.”

TREND: Who is “cleaning” our electoral lists? The Soros funded and funded ERIC is now used in 31 states

A student went to GBN to comment on the news. The young woman began to cry after hearing the news. What the elites did to children was unreasonable.

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