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New developments around “vaccination passports”, vaccination regulations and protests against them – a current international overview.

General Considerations

Already in March 2020 the “most powerful doctor in the world” ( Politico ), pandemic strategist and major donor to the WHO, Bill Gates, announced that The coronavirus pandemic “can only be ended by “vaccinating almost the whole world” and by introducing digital immunity. Certificates”. Gates also believed at the time that the global spread of the coronavirus could be limited to “less than one percent” through the imposition of lockdowns and “contact tracing”.

All of Bill Gates’ expectations, predictions and recommendations proved wrong (and highly destructive), but it is evident that national governments continue to enforce this strategy while Gates-funded international industry collaborations such as ID2020 and „Good Health Pass “ to plan the introduction cross-border digital biometric identity systems.

It is now generally accepted that the novel coronavirus is almost certainly within the framework of the US-Chinese dual use virological research was developed, a scenario consistent with either an accidental lab leak (in Wuhan or the US) or an intentional leak release (similar to the Anthrax letters from 2001 that already linked to Covid ). The Estimated Global Pandemiesterblichkeit is currently almost 20 million people and mainly affects older people and people with previous metabolic diseases.


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