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The increasingly convincing impression is that the country is now in the hands of exalted kapo who, in defiance of laws and circulars, they forbid entry at their whim even where it is allowed. Such as happened to the Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Rome: a student, equipped with a regular Green Pass as a tampon, was bounced at the entrance by reckless “controllers” who also publicly offended him. The director’s circular, – as well as the government decree – allows entry, but the Taliban taken by sacred fire did not care. Not even the intervention of the police it made them desist from their mission: when the student entered, they continued to forbid entry to dozens more.

Everywhere one hears of similar abuses: in schools, hospitals, offices. The chaos of the rules, which generally makes it easier to ignore them, this time produced the opposite effect: everything is forbidden to anyone who is not three-dosed, and the party is over. Our fundamental freedoms are in the hands of porters, ushers, waiters, security guards, gallops of the lowest level who finally have the green light to “lead” quickly transforming themselves into torturers. A classic, however, for those who know a bit of history.

However, the media are fueling this insane rage in every way that runs through our society destroying it. Probably the purpose is to add fuel to the fire until someone passes the de facto ways (and the kapo are there, given the irrational hatred that pervades them). The message, still veiled for the moment, is that of equating no vax to terrorists, Red Brigades style. A danger to society, which now goes beyond the health issue, becoming a public order problem to the point of touching national security.

Does it seem impossible to you? Well, here is a summary of the Corriere home page on January 18, at 1pm. Novaxes are mentioned 8 times in all, with the following titles: “Viola, and life under guard for no vax threats “,” Former magistrate no vax avoids checks and crosses the Strait “,” No vax attack with motor oil at the vaccination center “,” No vax family destroyed by Covid “,” Quarona, no vax police suspended “,” Abruzzo, the leader of the no vax dies of Covid “,” The no vax dentist with a silicone arm gets vaccinated “. And this is the Corriere, that is the authoritative one, the Fanpage-type waste papers they perform in “The bishop is threatened by novax”, e “Novax threats to Giorgio Palù”. On La Stampa we go straight to the point, talking about radicalization (as if it were ISIS) and of “seasons of tension”.

Anyone who reads this stuff quickly gets an idea: that is a brigade of dangerous subversives circulate in the country that threaten public safety. And those who deal with them feel authorized to threaten them, oppress them, oppress them. Invested in this sacred mission even in spite of the police. And don’t underestimate the numbers of newspaper readers: it is the newspapers that dictate the line to televisions.

A sign that summarizes it runs on the Net the 10 stages of the genocide by Gregory Stanton. At a guess, we are at the 6th phase: the government uses propaganda to turn people against the target group. The next step is to pick up people at home, and with them Hope lists perhaps this has been hinted at.

The fact is that the narrative needs to be changed quickly, very quickly, otherwise there is a big risk here. Is there any hope for the new President of the Republic? Who knows, even there the game is very complicated and anything but obvious. The fact is that a public enemy is being created at the table, and the people (especially that … how can I say? with the middle school certificate and social hardship) seems to be getting the message wonderfully.


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