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Pfizer has been shopping lately. It is no surprise that the American giant can afford acquisitions of large companies, given the record profits that the sales of the vaccine have brought. To get an idea of ​​the sea of ​​money that entered Pfizer’s coffers thanks to the vaccination campaign, just think that only in the third quarter of this year the profits of the multinational were equal to 8.15 billion dollars.

But it’s interesting, (and in some ways worrying), to see which companies Pfizer has decided to buy with the billions obtained with the sale of the experimental anti covid serum.

Last month the big New York drug company bought it Thrilium Therapeutics, a company specialized in blood cancer therapy. Cost of the operation $ 2.22 billion.

In recent days Pfizer has written an even more substantial check, 6.7 billion dollars, for the purchase of the Californian biotech Arena Pharmaceuticals, which he developed two molecules for the treatment of heart diseases; these are Temanogrel for the treatment of microvascular obstruction and APD418 for acute heart failure.

Therefore, the production of drugs for the treatment of blood diseases and heart diseases is Pfizer’s new goal to increase its turnover. Pfizer evidently believes that cardiovascular diseases will be the new “goose that lays the golden eggs” of the pharmaceutical industry.

We suspect that the drug multinational knows that in the near future we will see a surge in the number of heart and vascular diseases, because the mass vaccination campaign will lead to an exponential increase in these diseases.

On the Vision TV blog we have given an account of the exorbitant number of sudden deaths that have been in Italy in recent months. To get an idea of ​​the size of the phenomenon between July and September there were about 800 deaths sudden among the vaccinated, almost always linked to cardiac arrests or cardio-circulatory collapses.

Since this is an experimental drug, Pfizer gives no guarantee on the medium and long-term side effects of the vaccine, and considering that in the short term the number of serious heart problems, in conjunction with the intake of the serum, have been so numerous we can expect that in the near future we will see a significant increase in heart-related health problems.

With this in mind, the acquisition of companies that produce drugs for heart disease appears to be a brilliant move, even if not too original.

One of the richest men on the planet and a great proponent and financier of vaccines, Bill Gates, has in fact built his incredible wealth on the sale of computer programs but also antivirus which guarantee the protection of PCs from computer viruses.

Many have accused the same company of Gates, Microsoft, of being responsible for the cyber attacks, directly, that is, by producing the viruses that infect our computers, or indirectly, that is, by deliberately leaving spaces of vulnerability in the programs it produces, in in order to make computer “contagion” possible and therefore make it necessary to purchase its antivirus. For this reason they have been brought in the US cause legali against Bill Gates’ company.

The doubt that pharmaceutical companies are applying the same business model (I create you the problem and I sell you the solution) it is therefore legitimate.

As old Andreotti said, thinking badly makes you sin, but usually you get it right.


The circle closes: Pfizer buys pharmaceutical companies specializing in cancer and the heart

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